Thursday, 7 July 2011

Splendid Sponsor Spotlight - Acorn & Will

It would be easy for me to just give you a link to this company and demand you "go look" -  because you would not be saddened by this site. Just as I am not each time I have a peek. But that would culminate in a very short post.

So, I have had a quick squiz through Acorn & Will 's current stuff, drooled plenty and dropped off some of my favourites for you to have a look at.  

Most items come in a plethora of colours -  in fact I already own a few of the Twiggy Bird Brooches as I find them perfect to add that extra something to an outfit. I am a sucker for brooches - on cardys, on coats, on hats.. shirts... in hair.... You get the gist.

But it is not just brooches that Acorn & Will sell. They also do hair slides...


Lovely celluloid looking brooches...

More hair slide to prettify your nest..

Big fabric covered earrings...

Funky Owl ones...

Stunning statement brooches...

And even more hair clips....

This is literally just a taster of all the purrrrrrtys that Acorn & Will have to offer the disconcerting retro fancier. Or those that just like things of loveliness without the hefty price-tag. And who of us don't like things like that?

. Want to splurge? You'll get a box full. Saving but want a treat? There are things here for every budget.

I have bought from here before -  and have yet to be disappointed.

You can also follow them on Twitter via @acornandwill  and find them on Facebook.

Hurrahs for Acorn & Will!  


  1. I love the hearts and flowers brooch. I might have to have a big ole browse...

  2. Hurrah from me too. I'm a big fan. I like the fact that there is a big range of colours. P&P is reasonable too.

  3. Oooo,it can't be healthy for me to be covetuously dribbling at 5:36am........hahaha!
    Such PRETTIES!

  4. Adorable amor, flowers broochs are beautiful.

  5. Charly, WHY have you shown me this site?! I have no money! No money! Not likely to change any time soon now...

  6. I love Acorn and Will...such

  7. I think I've seen this site before, everything looks familiar. Off for a proper look!

  8. Hello, come and see also my shop on etsy =)

  9. i love them too and have bought a couple of bits. i think their prices are good too. xx

  10. J'adore! I wish I had hair so I could use the slides (they would realistically make me look like a toddler), but I love the birdie brooches x

  11. those daisy hair grips make me wish I had long hair - I've always had a fondness for daisies!

  12. I think I have just fallen in love with everything!


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