Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hardcore curling with perming rods

No -  I have not had my hair permed. I have thought about it and dismissed the idea on the basis that it would put my Nan - who's handy work is The Chop - into a catatonic state of shock on account of it "being terrible for (my) lovely hair". As I am cheap and refuse to pay for such things, coupled with the fact that I am also naff at anything remotely "proper" about hair styling -  thus ruling out me doing it myself and not telling Nan -  curling on a temporary scale is all that is open to me.   

Sans makeup again folks. Avert thy eyes if easily revolted

But this does not mean I cannot use the tools of the perming trade. Namely the rods. For those of us that use foam rollers, we all know that they are pretty much disposable. The foam only lasts so long before it starts to resemble an apple core and has to be replaced. This bothers me on a green level -  somehow I don't think that the foam is biodegradable. And so I started pondering something a little more long lasting. And then the lucious Lisa from Snoodlebug mentioned the use of perming rods. Huzzah I thought. But ain't they a bit hard?

Well, yes, yes they are. In fact they are solid plastic stuff. For those of you who are sensitive to sleeping in foams, these may not be for thee. But, I can recommend them on ease of use, long lasting-ness and -  with enough headscarf cushioning - comfort when sleeping. I tend to use quite a long headscarf and tuck the ends in at the side of my head which adds to aforementioned cushioning.

They also lay a lot flatter to the head than foams, which may help in the comfort stakes. And because they are solid, they reduce the frizziness at the ends that can devlop with foams that are past their bestest.

Ahh -  party flash setting is most kind to the complexion!

 I have been mighty pleased with the results so far. I started off with the largest size on line that I could find and have now progressed to smaller sizes via a couple multi packs from Boots. I love them for not only their durability, but also the lack of fiddiliness they provide. You know the scene: you roller up (or down, depending on the do), you grab the little bit that keeps it all in place, you pull it up & over to click it in and *SNAP" -  out it pops from the other end. You swear. You fiddle with it. You unroll and start again. You might even shout randomly at The Beard because he asks you if you are "ok". The rubber strand on perming rods is a lot more sturdy. Phew  -  says The Beard.

I vary how I set my hair, depending on whether or not I am planning to brush it out. For me, if I want a slight wave to it and I am not planning any rolls, then I will set the rods quite high. If I just want curls at the bottom and a flatter crown, I set round the bottom and just tease the curls to become less structured.

The only issue I have come across, on occasion, is getting the ends dry. I tend to roll my hair and then whack a bit of heat on and sleep on it. However, on first use, my ends were still a little damp -  curled, but damp. My solution? A little bit of tin foil wrapped around the middle of the rod to conduct heat. Worked a treat. This has only been the case on a wet set, or when I use my homemade setting lotion. Regular shop bought setting lotion dries pretty quick.

And there you have it. Yet another way to curl your locks! I have to say that this shall be my staple from now on. I have gone back and tried rag-rolling and it was a mess.


Foams are out -  rods are in!   



  1. Darn it. I think I gave my rods to my sister for when she was doing a wig! Ah well. I might have to reinvest! I use the rollers with the elastic and a bobble on the end- purely because my grannie has similar ones but of course hers are lovely and old! Hurrah to the camera flash… it’s my friend too! Tups x

  2. Ooh very nice! I use kirby grips & pin curls in wet hair and sleep in it, but now I have my hood dryer I've been looking at other ways of making my unruly hair behave, thanks I will try this out!!! X

  3. Love the hula look with the flower xx

  4. Looks good. I can't sleep in anything but foams or rags though. I blame my tiny, sprout-like head.

  5. Wow, that set is fabulous! I just don't think I'd be able to sleep in the rods though, damn my boney skull! Perhaps I could use them for all day sets though, it's a thought... Thanks for another great hair post, I need to get back into my hair adventures too!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous set! That photo of you in the bone dress with yellow flowers is my favorite - so pretty!

    I've been toying with perm rods for overnight curls since seeing a set done with them on Lolita Haze blog a few months ago, but that would require buying them. :/

  7. Hi, I love your style, I wish I could pull it off, I think I would just look 'odd'.

    I saw this youtube video the other day regarding a quick way to make curls I am not sure if it is any help to you, it may be.


    Keep up the good work.

    Caroline xxx

  8. Excellent tips there and you look great in all of them. I was going to ask how you get such great skin - now I know x

  9. Love the hair.

    Re: The Exhibition there was 'Marilyn Monroe' but not 'Maralyn Munroe' see my previous post ranting about a badly spelt review!

  10. You have such beautiful hair.......wish I could do that to mine....but I have naturally curly hair ( which you would think is easier..ummmm NO! )...anything I do I just have a frizz on in about an hr....so head scarves are the answer for me! Doesn't stop me admiring your do' though!
    Nattie x

  11. I've been meaning to try perming rods for literally years, now! This may just be the reminder I needed to finally get some! Your hair looks great, by the way. Definitely a lot smoother than mine seems to be with foam rollers, lately.
    -Andi x


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