Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Shrewd Vintage - Dorking

A short train journey away from the delightful hub-bub of London lies the relatively sleepy town of Dorking. Not only does it have antique and charity shops in abundance, it also the home of Shrewd Vintage. 

Situated a short, 15 minute amble from either Dorking or Dorking Deepden station it houses a vast array of frocks, flatcaps and fancies.

Fancies in the form of brooches, hats, ties, shoes, bags and earrings.

The owner, Sonja, has bestowed upon me the honor of an interview for you all to have a ganders at.  

She is a lovely-jubbly lady who has, on occasion, made me spend more than I intended on said fancies. Oh...but they are so pretty!

How and when did you get into the Vintage Trade?
My daughter found a job lot of 6000 ( 2000 which went straight into the bin...) pairs of second hand shoes and we decided to clean them up and sell them on eBay, that did not really work. So I rented a shop in Dorking for a few months, bought some old tables which we painted in various colours and with the help of glass shelves and bricks we displayed the shoes and managed to sell most of them. And the vintage bit just sort of developed from there.

What is your favourite find that you could not bear to sell?

A beautiful satin, reversible kimono from the 50s, just so sexy!!!

Do you trade any "vintage" events?

No, tried Goodwood's Revival but it is so much work dragging everything out of the shop and then back in again.

Do you have a personal favourite era of fashion? If so, what makes it so special to you?

Probably the 20s they were so naughty and decadent!

What is the best thing about running Shrewd?

Finding all these beautiful clothes and hearing the stories behind them.

And now follow some more pictures. Because there are too many fancies in this shop for there not to be as many in this post as possible.

There is plenty of menswear too, if you have a chap to buy for. Or to spend the money of.

If I had any organisational skills, or indeed the room, this is what my imaginary walk in wardrobe might look like.

And if I had more money in my bank account, this delightful summer wicker bag might be gracefully hiding all my toot. Alas -  it is still in store. Somebody -  please -  give it a new home!

To get the Shrewd direct from London, it is just under an hour direct from Victoria or Waterloo. So -  why not make a day of it? Once you are done ooing and aahhing over the stock in Shrewd, you can try your luck in those charity shops I mentioned. Don't forget to invite me! I am just up the road!

You can also follow them on Twitter @vintageshrewd and via their Facebook Group Shrewd

7, South Street, RH4 2DY Dorking, Surrey
01306 889 099
Mon - Sat: 10:00-18:00


  1. Wow, thanks. I have a feeling we shall be heading this way. Love that basket too...
    Hen x

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I have friends who live very near Dorking and I have, more than once, scoured the charity shops there. Didn't know of Shrewd Vintage's existence!

  3. oh my - i will fight you for the bag! and those hats.... i would really love to go. maybe during the summer holidays. or strike day! x

  4. Ooooh, I want to go here! I do love a good little town, and this shop looks luverly!

    That wicker bag is a bit too beautiful....yum.


  5. Ooooh lovely, I've never been to Dorking but must certainly make a trip now! xx

  6. How utterly amazing is that shop?! I'd love to work there and surround myself with so many beautiful things every day!

    I really adore how everything is displayed especially the pool table covered in earrings, how fab!

    I love the story about how she started her business - from old shoes to all that scrumminess is a job very well done! xxx

  7. What a shop! Love the wall of hats and the snooker table display.

    Am just wondering exactly how much space 6000 pairs of shoes take up though... Not exactly a whim purchase.

  8. Looks like a great shop, shame I don't live closer :( x

  9. Excellent. What a fantastic shop, I love the displays. Doesn't want a shop assistant who'll work for brooches and hats does she?xxx

  10. You may be responsible for increasing tourism to Dorking! Looks like it is only an hour away from where I live and a reasonable train fare so I will have to work on persuading my boyfriend he wants to go as well.

  11. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! That looks amazing. How many hats?!

  12. Ooh this looks like such a great shop! I love all the earrings arranged on display on the pool table. It looks lovely & organised which so many vintage shops aren't.

  13. Hello girlies, I work at Shrewd and would love you to follow us on facebook or twitter (@VintageShrewd) for exclusive offers and discounts. See you all soon! x

  14. oooh what a great place, me wants those pretty gloves. you lucky girl living so close to such goodies.


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