Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My Sister Marilyn by Mona Rae Miracle - Review

The Blurb
Finally a book with an insight into the private family life of the real Monroe told by her half sister who at last breaks her silence.


Well -  that's not a lot of blurb, is it? Then again, as a Marilyn fan -  I hardly ever read the blurbs anyway. I thought that I would post this review today on what would have been the subjects 85th birthday.

Do not let the lack of info on the back sway you away from reading this if you get the chance. It is a gem of a book and showed gaping holes in my Monroe-obsession.

It is stuffed with photos of a very young, but not less stunningly beautiful Norma Jean. Even back then, her face is breath taking.

Courtesy of This is Marilyn

It is an insight into her early life and the girl that her family knew. This book confirmed my initial thoughts about the Bombshell she became. That beneath to oozing sexuality and blonde barnet, she was a simple, caring, sweet woman. I feel that the author, Norma Jean's half sister, could be a little biased, but then if she was my relative, I would be too.

A real treat of a book for any fan or those that want to know more about the icon without the scandal and the glitz.

An 8/10 from me (an incredibly biased fan!) 


  1. Oooh another one for the list!

  2. This book looks great, I'm a real fan too so I can't believe I haven't read this already. Definitely one on my to-read list, thanks for sharing!


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