Friday, 17 June 2011

Autumnal Dress Down Friday - Outfit post

The title of this post is misleading somewhat. For I wore not this to work for the dreaded DDF -  but on a holibobs day when I went off to Brighton. On a Monday no less. Post on my find's to follow soon... 

I bought this skirt on the Isle of Wight when I went there for New Year. I did say at the time that it did not look like much on the hanger, poorly displayed in my bathroom, but I quite like it on.

The weather in the UK is questionable at themoment, and I felt the need to dress for -  well -  Autumn, despite it being June. Sigh. I do love our weather, honest.

This whole outfit is thrifted from charity shops and eBay. Apart from the bag (Primark) the earrings from the Alibu Creations stall in Camden and the bumble bee pendant.

Yes people. Finally I found one that I liked. I have already mentioned my affection for bees before and I have been craving  a pendant for a while now, and especially since I spent a whole work day regretting staying up way too late the night before to watch The Sixth Sense. Again.  

I love the connection between Cole, his Mother and his deceased Grand Mother who visits regularly and moves her bumblebee pendant because "..she likes to look at it sometimes".

Now I have one of my velly own!! Huzzah! 


  1. I love the skirt. It's a great colour. And your hair looks fab.
    -Andi x

  2. I love this -you look stunning - one of my all time favourites!x

  3. Lovely colours on you, shame it is so fitting for the weather we're having at the moment. Haven't seen The Sixth Sense for ages, always gives me goosebumps. Looking forward to seeing your Brighton finds!

  4. You look lovely! Very suitable for our topsy turvyness in the weather department! Lol...

  5. Love your outfit, its very nicely co-ordinated, and the print on that skirt is LOVELY! Hope you enjoy the weekend xx

  6. I love the print on this skirt,jsut beautiful,makes you look taller amor. I know I am quite enjoying this weather.Thats one of my fave movies too, never get tired of watching over and over.cute bee necklace.

  7. You look fab and so well put together! Look at your teeny waist.

  8. Lovely outfit. I know what you mean about flippin Autumnal weather. I haven't been able to wear anything 'summer-y' without a cardie, shrug or coat. I haven't stooped to a cagoul yet but my resolve is weakening...


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