Friday, 27 May 2011

Schweet Tweet! - outfit post

So -  the self (&The Beard) imposed dress ban is, thus far, an epic fail. The hunt for a nice 40's or 50's looking yellow dress for Swing for Skin continues. Sigh.

You shall note that the below dress is not yellow. But it is covered in glorious little orangy flowers with minty green leaves and delightful tweeting birds.

I saw this homemade late 50's dress on Etsy for a remarkably priced £15 odd plus postage. It came to about £19 in total. Hurrahs! It is a bit more the old me in the unusual print stakes and for that alone I love it. It also fits my bangers in it -  so I officially heart it even more.

AND it goes well with my Minty Green Cardy Dream. Triple lovings.

The hair is decidedly un-coiffed. This is the evening of the "Great Strip", in which my hair went from a red-rooted-brown-ends mess, to bright ginge, to all brown via ColourB4. Hideous post documenting the whole stenching affair to follow soon.

I do love the Disney-esque birds that adorn this frock. They make me smile when I catch a glimpse of them. And I imagine them going "tweet..tweet..tweet".


Could that be any more of a tenuous link to the next bit? I doubt it.  

You may have noticed a couple of new additions to my sidebars. Yes, I have finally pulled my finger out and set up not only a Twitter thingy but also a page upon the FaceBook fandangle. Click on the links to follow or like if you would like more of my witterings. Or to give me a nice, warm feeling of lurve. 

Make yourself a "I am wondrous" badge if you do. Or indeed follow this blog. For that is what you are. Each and everyone of you! I now have 170 followers via Blogger... *swoon*  I keep tripping up my jaw, for it is upon the floor. As advised before... you are wondrous. Very. I thank you tres muchous.

But, I have been a bad blogger of late -  in so much as I am behind. There is the Royal Wedding, the Wisley road trip and the Penny Dreadful Vintage party to come. Apologies for the lack of chronology!

Have fab weekends folks  -  it's a longun'!  Do sun dances people... sun dances!! 


  1. Love love love this dress! And your shoes - where did you get them from?x

  2. ooooh I love the print on that dress! Wish I was coming on Sunday, hope you get lots of sun, I shall be indoors drinking gin and sewing!

  3. Hey, love the dress, and it does go beautifully with the cardie, what a great outfit!

  4. Gorgeous outfit and, like Lena, I love the shoes. My mum, when she got married, in the 50s had a pair in that t-bar stylee but they were blue suede. I had them for a while but I've no idea where they are now - boo hoo!

  5. Great find, what a bargain. And you're right, those birdies are definitely the very same who bring Snow White her clothes in the morning.

  6. What a wonderful dress! Have lots of fun at Swing for Skin.

  7. No Wondrous badge for me alas, as I'm not on Facebook or Twitter. Following counts for something though, yes?

    That dress is bee-yew-tiful. The birds are utterly adorable.

  8. Hurrah for fitting the bangers in!!!
    Sweet,weet frock!You look just darling in it!
    I say POO to dress bans!

  9. That dress looks lovely on you! The print is just too cute :)

  10. That print is soooooooooooo cute! I am a little bit obssessed with bird prints at the moment :) x

  11. What a lovely print! Looks great on you. xxx

  12. That fabric is so cute and the birds do look very Disney-esque!

    I have used ColourB4 once in the past and it left my hair stinking for about a week and it didn't lift any colour.. never using that stuff again!

    I'll follow you on Twitter right now! xxx

  13. I actually really like your hair with a plain side-sweep like that. Very elegant! x

  14. What a gorgeous dress x

  15. What a gorgeous print, and great find! x

  16. Hellloooo, I am a new follower as of about 15 minutes ago, The Felt Fairy sent me!!!

    Can I say I love what you wear and wish I had the figure to wear some of those clothes. I am a right porker you see.

    Anyway, you look gorgeous. xxx


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