Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day Blessings

Well hello there! It has been a long weekend of cake & cheering  -  but more on that in the next post. Truth is, I cannot even think about buttercream or jam without wanting to heave.

Today's post is loosely about one of the few Pagan celebrations I actually do anything for. Beltane. Festival of fire and lust. But again, only when I remember. And it is only ever simple. Being outside during the day and lighting candles at night. Having pink & white flowers in the house with a mixture of green foliage. Making a simple offering. I might make a special meal. I might order a take away. There's that lax-ness again.

But there are many things that I see round and about in my daily life that make me think of The Gods - mainly the feminine side -  but sometimes both. And that's what the 1st of May is all about. The joining of the two to bring forth the summer and the harvest. Think of it as cosmic humping.

So, it is the humble Dandelion that shows me both sides of Divinity. I am a huge fan of wild flowers. Poppies, Daises, Bluebells, Thistles even Cow-Parsley. But I have to confess to loving the Dandelion almost as much as the Poppy.

Not only does it ooze vitamins A, B, C and D, it is also loaded with zinc and iron. And edible. Killing them off with nasty pesticides because they ruin your crazy paving? Stop, pick and nom*. Sorted.   

But the true reason behind this love is it's symbolism. The Sun / God represented in the yellow, solar-obeying flower that to me brightens any swathe of green on a summer's day. And then the Moon / Goddess is the lunar looking seed head that is left behind. The duality of the Divine in one little flower. How more simplistic could it be?

Having more of a feminine leaning when it comes to my spirituality, it is the dandelion "clock" that attracts me more. I love blowing the seeds off into the wind, sending a wish with them as they go, hoping that when they land they plant themselves into reality. Perhaps if I stop wishing for silly things like a million smackers or smaller feet, the wishes might come true! *sigh*

So, enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday in the UK  -  it is thanks to the age old celebration of May 1st that we still have it today. Hurrahs!

*eat at own risk. Wash thoroughly first. Dog wazz is not at all palatable.  


  1. How fab, i knew nothing about it i am ashamed to admit - but thanks to you i will appreciate today much more. x

  2. I love blowing the seeds too, we used to do it when we were playing out as kids to see if it was time to go in :) ahhh lazy summer days xx

  3. Lovely post, Happy MayDay x

  4. Happy Beltane my dear! An interesting post which has softened me towards those pesky 'wet the beds' almost as much as being brought wilted offerings from the garden by my two lovelies.

  5. I didn't know Dandelion were so good for you, it's the only thing that grows in my garden!! :) x

  6. Didn't know dandelions were edible. I've just mowed over mine, but maybe I'll try one next time x

  7. All my dandelions go to my guinea pigs, they love them! I like the look of them too, they're so cheerful, I don't know why people make such a big deal of them, unless maybe they're taking up space in your vegetable patch.

    Hope you had a marvellous Beltane celebration!

    Let me know your email and I will send over my address as requested - thanks again! :D xxx

  8. We have dandelion leaves in salads every now and then. When I was a kid grown ups used to say if we picked them, we'd wet the bed!!!!


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