Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Jumble Boogie

This is a new dance I have recently discovered. It involves strong toes, sharp elbows and a iron will. It may occasionally call for the participant to forget how to smell, be polite and have regard for small children.  

Variations of the Jumble Boogie are also known as The Yard Sale Stomp,  The Thrift Stall Swing, The Car Boot Hop or the Estate Sale Jive.

I recently attended my first proper Jumble Sale as a grown up. I don't know how I have missed so many of these in my adult life, really, I don't. The last one I remember was when I was about 7 and "Blue Peter" were raising money for something or other in the form of a "Bring & Buy Sale". I remember the excitement. The smell of unwashed plastic toys.The treasure before me that was too much to bear. I had a whole golden pound in my sweaty palm and I blew the lot on a rabid Sindy and her mangy horse. Oh. Those were the days.

Circa 1987. Dear Lord. Is that a shell suit puffa jacket??

My tastes are more refined nowadays. It's all about the cups, plates, jars, vases, teapots and clothing I might find. And the sale I queued 45 -  yes, four five -  minutes for on a sunny Saturday afternoon had all of the above in spades. Thus follows shamefully happy pictures of my trove. Inflation has hit hard since the late 80's, but still... for under £10, I am not complaining. The flea bitten toys were still there, being bought by children who evidently felt that they had found the address of Lord Lucan.

Here follows pictures. Pictures which show, to my amused embarrassment, my subliminal love of roses.

This little milk jug is currently home to a dying spider plant.

This now contains some cat grass. Which is lovingly nommed by the Mempf

I have no idea how old this is, but, ooooh I love it so. Not for use. Just for gazing at.

Some more, much needed you understand, Depression Glass. In amber. Oooooh purty!

More things I have no need of. Except as a pen pot at work... and maybe something to keep paperclips in.

I also nabbed some clothes - 12 items for the princely sum of £2.80. Don't mind if I do! I then made the fatal mistake of pottering about the charity shops. If you feel that the prices are on the up in your local chazza establishment, this shall only be mortally compounded if you visit some after a whizz round your local church hall. 

I realise now, that much practice is needed on a floor where expert dancers are reveling in the Jumble Boogie. I need to refrain from being British and apologising. I was shoved out of the way on more than one occasion. I have to understand that if you look weak, you shall be trampled in favor of a jumper for 30p.  

I must learn to station The Beard (who looked like a hedgehog in the outside lane of the M25) a safe distance away so I can leave items with him and return to the dance refreshed and unladen with clothes. I noted the seamless movements of the students that were there and shall follow suit. This consisted of a massive tote bag at their feet, into which they were shoveling anything that took their fancy. They then retreated into a corner to pick the items they wanted and threw (literally) the rest back into the melee. They are wise. I shall learn their wisdom.

But, my first furore into the whirling dervish of second, possibly eighth, hand goods for sale in a overcrowded church hall has not scared me away. I am avidly hunting out the next one in my area.

Now... I just need to decide how much I like my toes, sharpen my elbows, lose the "no.. after you.. I insist's" and  come to terms with the idea of pushing an old lady over for a lovely looking teacup....

Jumble Boogie rocks!   


  1. Yay for jumbles! I'm extremely jealous, btw, I've not been to one for aaaaages. Fabulous scores, love the amber jug.

    Sweet pic of you in your puffa jacket!

  2. You need to get those elbows shoving! You did pretty well anyway, the depression glass jug is particularly lovely x

  3. I never cease to be amazed by the apparently sweet and frail little old ladies who literally bulldoze everyone out of their way no matter how big or small!

  4. Hahaha love this post! Beautifully written!

    The vase you are using for the cat grass is beautiful as is the teapot! I love amber glass so that large jug is a winner!

    I haven't been to a jumble sale since I was a kiddie either! There isn't ANY in my area! None that I can find anyway :( I am gagging for one after reading so many jumble sale posts! The torture! xxx

  5. Aaahh, this post cracked me up! I haven't been to a jumble for about 30 years!! Don't get me wrong, over the past few years I've looked for some..but maybe Dorset is too posh for 'em ...(being a fellow surrey girl myself) LOL

    Get those elbows sharpened for the next one !

  6. I feel that I need to get in on the Jumble Boogie! Your finds are great, good eye, I need to find a nice jumble sale near me and join the dance :)

  7. Haha! I love a good jumble. My favourite buys (as you might have noticed) are books. And Shh...sometimes I buy the a present for the kid in the next flat, not because I just HAVE to oh nonononono...

    His Lordship is a great one for spotting china and glass, we tend to go tag-team. Not in a wrestling way, more a 'one person keeps an eye out the other darts in'. Tactical, yes, fair no. But this is a game of wits as we all know!

  8. Excellent post - rabid Sindy heheh. I am sooo jealous, WHY are there no jumbles near me? I love your amber jug especially.

    You're so cute as little one - bet you still wish you had your puffa ;-)

  9. I have naturally pointy elbows - I knew they would come in useful for something. Now to find an actual jumble sale anywhere near me. There seems to be a dearth of them round here.

  10. I wish l caould find jumble sales! I haven't been to one since l was a kid, either. Great finds, nothing wrong with roses!

  11. Are jumble sales making a come back? I haven't been to one for years, I thought they were called vintage fairs now.... hehehe!!! Nearly finished knitting the Queen..... she'll be on my blog soon x

  12. I haven't seen a proper jumble sale for ages. It's all about the car boot!

    I must say I am a bit tired of coming back from my local car boot looking like I've spent 6 months in the depression era US dustbowl. It's ridiculously dusty and has nearly ruined a perfectly good pair of Clarks Originals. I might have to investigate jumble sales further....

  13. Great buys. I attended my first adult jumble sale last year and came home battered and bruised. They're vicious those elbowing grannies x

  14. heh, you made me laugh! That was terribly well written and I know excatly what you mean about those little old ladies! Dear Lord, they are like a beast unleashed in a church hall sale! I remember the horror when I accompanied a friend to a baby toys and clothes sale at the local church a few months back, people were literally FIGHTING over things...scary stuff!

    BUT, a good boot sale is always worth it! I've started going again this year, hadn't been since my granny used to take me as a kid, and although you have to riffle through a load of junk, it is so worth it when you come across something. Those bits you picked up are gorgeous

    Much Love


  15. Lovely buys! You did make me smile...I haven't been to a jumblie in years but I know they get quite vicious at times. XXX

  16. I think that last time I went to a jumble sale was a bring and buy sale LOL. Great finds though, loving the teapot x

  17. Hahah I Love this post! I too had many jumble toys, mainly tailess My Little Pony and matted haired Barbies which I unearthed at Bring and Buys as a child and simply had to have!

    What lovely finds though, most definiatly worth the bruses:)

  18. Haha, last time I was at a jumble sale we were raising money for the girls brigade, scary even on the other side of the table! Lovely china, DG also gets a "rabbit in the headlights" look about him sometimes when I'm on the rampage....

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