Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nice Pair - outfit post

Of shoes? Or Cherries? Or the clips that you can see on the top of my bonce? I don't know what else you would have thought I was referring to?  

Yep. My feet are still there. Phew.

I have been trying to think of things to wear my navy skirt with -  which wavers between fun and frustrating. But -  I have finally hit upon a combo that I like. I once read / saw / was told / had a dream about - that you should not wear more than 3 colours at once when co-ordinating. I am not too sure I believe it, but I do keep it in mind when I am standing forlornly at the wardrobe door of an evening. Yes - that's right -  for work, I get my outfit ready the night before.

Skirt - Bon Marche ... Jumper  - M&S... Shoes -  Clarks
All via charity for a stonking £15.

So I went with red, green and navy. And, do you know what? I rather like it. I especially like the knitted cherries which I hunted down and bought from Josie-Mary in her Folksy shop.

Definitely one of my go-to outfits for work now. 5 mins outfit planning can pay dividends. Hurrahs!

Pip! Pip!   


  1. Love the outfit the cherries really make it a bit special dont they. I have a new pencil skirt which I need to get taken in you have inspired me to get right on it!

  2. Oh, you can still see your feet?? Well done, ha ha!

  3. I love the cherries, such an adorable accessory!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Luverley! The cherry brooch is great. xx

  5. I like it. Yep, definitely tricky to mix more than 3 colours (unless they are part of a print/pattern).

  6. I love it! This outfit is so cute, i love the belt and skirt together! =) And I've never heard about the "3 Colors Only" Rule, so that means I should just ignore it, right? Haha, I also need to start picking outfits out at night, would save so much time in the a.m. xoxo

  7. Aw, cutie. That pin is absolutely wonderful.
    I've been trying to tame my own outfit-construction woes lately, and that three-color thing sounds like a good tip--gives some focus to the whole process, at least (I like colors too much...). Thanks for it!

  8. 3 colours only? Eek, why was I not told before?
    Excellent accessorising makes the outfit 'pop' or some such fashion mag bollocks ;-) Your nails look rather fabulous also x

  9. Isn't it funny how something small like a brooch can bring an outfit together, love this look! X

  10. You look lovely! I have to bend over like that to see my feet too ;o)

  11. Thanks for sharing my cherries :) I've been wearing them in my hair! Love the look x

  12. Hmmmm, 3 colours you say? (I would do well to stick to 3 prints!)
    After #1 son told me I looked a bit like a crazy lady when I picked him up last week (took it as a compliment - don't think it was meant as such) I've been addressing the whole stipes with spots and florals thing I've had going on for a while.

    LOVING this outift...and what a steal.
    fee x

  13. Ooh yes, very nice indeed. I think you need a pair of red gloves to go with your shoes and cherries ;) x

  14. Darling,the pair of cherries are fabulous,as are your booboids!Magnificant even!
    I'm rather fancying navy at the mo,that skirt is lovely,and yYOU look lovely in it!
    I must say that I find it hard sometimes to wear 3 colours at once,but I'm getting better at it. But sometimes I think as many as possible at once is fun!

  15. Well hello Miss Hourglass!

    Such a cute outfit teamed with those cherries and don't those colours go well together?

  16. Oh how cute are those cherries please? They go perfectly and the whole thing is definitely a go-to outfit.

  17. I have to move my boobs to see my feet, you look cute as a button, love the cherries.

  18. Those cherries are adorable!


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