Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ruby Red & Navy Blue - outfit post

I need to step away from the charity shops. This is no longer a pondering question. More of a "i-have-no-more-room-in-my-wardrobe!" kind of thing. I have some recent purchases to share -  but I shall stagger them, so that I still feel like I am shopping. Sharing is the next best thing.

So -  here we have a new navy pencil skirt and red jumper combo. Both via a charity rummage for a whopping £6.50 total.

Sorry for the blur. Blame The Beard. Not my beard -  the one taking the pic.
Wait. I don't have an actual beard. Oh I shall shut up now.

I felt suitability WREN-eque in this skirt, especially with my little fitted jacket on and now must trawl my cupboard for more outfit possibilities for this new favourite. Navy ain't as easy to co-ordinate as black.

Until next time!   


  1. Yes love it with the fitted jacket.

  2. Wow great finds, just goes to show there are great finds in charity shops, though I never seem to find the clothes, I am lucky with other stuff!

  3. Gosh, are you sure you could resist the call of the charity shops- I can’t! I always find if I walk past one and say to myself ‘nope I’m not going in- there won’t be any of my tat in there….’ Then I decide ‘what the 'eck lets have a nose’ and I can promise you I usually manage to find something!
    …Looking smashing Miss LG. Tups x

  4. I love navy and ruby, such a great combination. It makes me come over all Blighty-otic. xx

  5. Charity shopping is very addictive, I miss not being able to pop into them when my shifts at work don't allow it! x

  6. Good luck on that one, they are impossible to resist......

    I love the skirt it looks fab.

  7. The navy skirt is lovely. Next on the list must be a navy blazer to go with x

  8. That jacket is truly darling! The skirt is really cute too. I tend to shy from navy because matching it isn't the easiest compared to black. >.<

  9. Love the ruby combination, darn now i need a navy skirt.
    Dont temp me on chariry shopping amor.

  10. Once upon a time I never, ever went in charity shops, now I never, ever walk past.....they are indeed adictive! I think it's not knowing what your'e going to find. Love the jacket!! X


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