Thursday, 10 March 2011

Outfit Post:- Proper Jumper Loving

Yes. I know that is the brown skirt. Again. What can I say? I sleep in it. But the new part of this staple outfit is the jumper. A proper vintage jumper that I wore for the first time recently and l-o-v-e .. love

Jumper - vintage via Camden Town.

I look a bit manic evil in this photo. Don't show the kids.

And a close up of the hair. Not the neatest it could be. But there you have it. This is me at the end of the day. Dishevelled and hacked off with the stench of the train carriage that I pay to sit in.

And a demanding cat whinging at my feet for her tinned delicacies. I am thinking "Shut the chuff up Woo -  or I shall make you into a pelt and wear you about town".

I do love my cat's. Honest.

"She doesn't. Please. Help us"


  1. great jumper and i love your cat!

  2. Aww, lovely kitty, nasty lady! The jumper is great.
    Hen x

  3. Nice sweater!

    I too have a fave 'bottom half' item- a pair of wide-leg palazzo trousers that I think I wear so often it's scary. Luckily clothes don't have a union so they can't complain!

  4. Poor moggy ;) . (They all like us to think they're starving, don't they?!)

    The jumper looks really great - most curvalicious.

  5. I always wondered if I could train my cat to sit demurely around my neck while I went out and about. I miss being a kitty owner :(

    That top is gorgeous, and such a good colour on you. What size are you? I have a calf-length Irish tweed skirt that would suit you, but not sure if it would be too big or not xx

  6. love sweaters!
    especially that color suits you so well with brown skirt.your amigas are lovely.
    cute kitty.

  7. Gorgeous, as usual!!!! I only get attention from my two cats when I have their dinner in my hand, as soon as it's in the dish they forget all about me!!!!! Lol... X

  8. Gorgeous as ever.
    Funnily enough, I was only just threatening to have my yowling cat fashioned into a nice stole myself!

  9. I love the pattern in it. Guess what? I knitted three whole rows. I am officially the worlds cleverest person. Lord we have got a very vocal kitry called Gypsy. We have to keep quiet on the morning as he sits outside the bedroom door and miaows a lot for food the instant he hewaes voices. He even miaws when there arw still biscuits in the bowl. He is a prime suspect in the case of the missing chicken breast. Little sod.

  10. I just love the jumper it does oodles for you.
    My moogie is just a shouty and bossy as yours, and considers himself the boss.


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