Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lippy Win-age!

I have been meaning to blog about this for ages -  but I am a lazy moobag. I have had the pics and the thought -  just not the typing out mentality. Until now.  

I won a beauty of a prize from Retro Chick  -  a Besame Lipstick a la What Katie Did! Ravishing RC had reviewed the product and I had been erring on the side of parting with some cash for this lipstick. And then I won one! Huzzah's and Hurrah's!     

I had a choice of colour -  but decided to go with the Besame Red on the basis that this is what Fleur de Guerre models on the site, and like her, I have dark hair. When I had collected it from the post office  -  (as I was not home when it arrived, and there is a sticker on the packaging to tell the postie to leave a card, which although a hassle for me on a Saturday morning, adds extra security that your paid for goods shant go walkabout.) - I could not wait to open it. In the car. Oh the glamour!

The lovely smell that wafted around is something that I cannot quite put my finger on. But is it luscious. I didn't know whether to slick it or lick it.

Now -  like Retro Chick -  I had an issue with the tip. I am used to modern day tips, which I have been using for many a moon. But, I really struggled with how to use this. And the result, for me, was less than pleasing on the first application. If I had paid for this, I would have been wholly disappointed. And in a grump.

But. I am nothing if not persevering. On second application, I got a bit better, and I am sure that the more I practice, the more it shall give me the lip shape that I like. I did find the formula a little drying -  but it's staying power is better than most and it does not bleed.

So -  here's to winning fairly fab free stuff!!



  1. Nice colour on you!

    I love a good win. I tend to go for browny red and coral pink, they did have them in the 30s-50s but now red seems to dominate with vintage-style-lippies. Besame has some nice pinks though and when my shopping fasting is over I will pop over to the site and have a look!

  2. I won too and love it! I don't struggle with the tip as I always use a lip liner it's seems to be the only way I can stop lipstick migrating all over my face :o)

  3. That packaging is absolutely glorious and the colour looks wonderful on you. What a great prize to win!

  4. gorgeous win! I haven't tried their reds yet, but definitely want to!

  5. If you keep using it on one side perhaps it will eventually go into a modern shape? It does look amazing on you, so worth persevering. And I agree with STM, using a lip pencil will help x

  6. Looks fab :) l won too,lucky us! x

  7. Very jealous! I too have been toying with parting with many pennies for a Besame only worry is the slightly drying texture that has been reported, as I currently have matte MAC that I shelled out for only to find it far too drying for my poor lips to take very regularly at all!
    The colour looks fabulous on you missy!and that curved cupids bow, amazing! xx

  8. Gorgeous colour and tube - how is the end shaped then? I always manage to wear mine down perfectly round, so maybe I wouldn't have trouble with that type.

  9. Yo PD - just need to find a shade that matches. That's why I don't bother with lipliner - I can never find a matching shade.

    Hiya RA - it does dry - but I didnt find it left my lips scabby in any way. But - if you have had probs with Mac - then...?

    Hey Lakota - the tip is kind of straight. Which I am sure is classic - but I struggled with it :( Has not stopped me wearing it though, when I have the time to apply it.

  10. You lucky thing! Sometimes trying to find the right shade of red to suit a skintone can be a real trial and error - looks like you've struck lucky! I'm still searching for mine!

  11. Wow, that colour is stunning on you. And the packaging is so glamorous. My hunt for the perfect red continues on, but I'm tempted by this colour.

  12. lucky Mama, I wond a Besame lipstick awhile back too and posted a review on mi blog.
    The new formula is better,I own all Besame lipsticks and I love their staying power not to mention the candy smell.

  13. I think I've got the hang of the tip now! I use the flat edge to do my cupids bow and then use a corner to do the lining of my lips. It's not the easiest, but I forgive it for the packaging!

    Besame do a range of colours as well, not just reds.

    The colour is really lovely on you, I have to say!

  14. Here's to winning free stuff...and here's to lucious red lips! You look lovely...


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