Friday, 4 March 2011

Dress down Friday Part II - outfit post

As I have said before, this is something that I struggle with. I am not a fan of jeans, although it seems to delight colleagues that they can wear "their own clothes" on a Friday. I shall assume that they wear items from the lost property hamper for the rest of the week then? I thought they smelt musty.

I do love this dress that I picked up from Asda way back last summer. But -  I feel it a tad short to wear without some thick tights. In the warmer months, I used to wear it with leggings and sandals. I am in the process of banning all stretch-wear  as 1) they are now all too big and 2) they give me room to pile weight back on if I live in them for too long. So, they are banished.

Nothing like a red waist mark -  the kind that has made grooves in your skin -  to ensure you don't nom a Wispa.



  1. You're such a doll!
    Love your outfit.

  2. Lovely dress! I totally get the 'own clothes' thing, but possibly the reverse way to your colleagues: I have to wear quite plain, dark items at work (think suit AND practical shoes). So it feels like a uniform. I love to crack out the sequins come the weekend! Although I must admit I love denim, it has to be a bit 70s and styled properly- there really is no reason why comfy/casual has to be boring or not express a person's style.

  3. Loving this frock look scrummier than a Wispa bar :D x

  4. ooohh lovely, we never did dress down fridays when I worked in an office, suits all the way unfortunately! X

  5. The dress, tights and shoes all look fab together - I always feel happier wearing thick 100 denier black tights!

  6. Oh how pretty, these are just the right colours for you. And it isn't even short at all, you'll be able to wear it with plan legs or nude fishnets in summer with no prob. Will look lush with a pair of platforms x

  7. What a lovely print! Great pose too. And yay for too bg clothes :)

  8. what a great fit..I have been lusting for flowery prints lately.cute hat thingy..I like jeans ,but now that I'm finding skirts and dresses are more comfortable.

  9. I think you look lovely in this dress! I bet your the best dressed person in your office every Friday!

  10. Thanks for all the comments folks! I appear to have been spammed by some twat called Cosplay. So I am going to have to put me verification back on :o(


  11. Sweet frock!
    I used to work in an office where we had Casual Friday,and eveyone would be so happy they could wear their ...jeans...
    I used to go way overboard,cos I don't do jeans,and I don't really do cas!
    Now,I love thick tights-well,any tight,really,and I love your shoes!

  12. This dress looks rather gorge on you! And those shoes are divine. Where are they from? I am lucky in that I get to wear what I want for work....well, I am supposed to wear items from my store.....but I think they have given up bothering to remind me. I don't even own any. Apart from a dress from the Tara Starlet concession....though I don't think they'd really count that!
    What do you wear in the week then? I bet you put to gether a fine work outfit for an ordinary day! xxx


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