Thursday, 17 February 2011

You know you are loved when....

... for Valentines Day The Beard makes you a card that celebrates your love for fictional vampire characters from TV.



You know he loves you even more when he buys, and then watches with you, Series 1 of Foyle's War. He even says "that was rather good" at the end. He is now hooked and we have ordered further series'.



The zenith of that love makes itself known when he takes the day off and treks to Chelsea with you to see a new exhibition that you had some vague recollection of waffling about at some time during the past.

"Wives and Sweethearts" is a new exhibition at the National Army Museum, a place I did not know existed until something popped up on my Facebook a few weeks back.

As museums go, it is no Imperial War -  but it is ok. It is a very "school friendly" museum and incredibly male orientated. Something that irked me throughout was the severe lack of the female part in the Army's history. It only touched briefly on munition workers, the ATS, the WAAF. And, there was no mention of the Women's Land Army -  which automatically switched me off to the whole thing. I'm biased like that.

However, it is right next door to where the Chelsea Pensioners reside -  and I was fortunate enough to see a couple of them. They really are very sweet men, one of which tipped his hat to me. The other looked a little surprised to see someone dressed as I.

The exhibition is quite small and very spaced out, but, there are some great artifacts included. You can't beat seeing a letter from 1834 in my book. It was heartwarming to see the human, handwritten side of conflict across the centuries.Entry is free so if you are in the area and this floats your boat - it is on until July.

Artwork by Rich Simmons

We decided to walk back from Embankment to Waterloo as I had a hankering to see this fab piece of artwork that I read about in a disguarded commuter paper. I could not get too close as there were skater-dude types whizzing about, so I had to zoom in. But, I for one, think that this is awesome!

No flowers. No chocs. Nothing red. Or pink. Perfect!


  1. How Lovely :-), I feel all warm & fuzzy just reading this! x

    What you said about seeing real people's accounts in their own handwriting. I do wish our dear Head Librarian who thinks books are obsolete and e-journals are the way forward would understand that too. 90% of our readers want to hold the item in their hands, turn the pages and see the author's own hand annotated notes!

    I saw an article about that artwork and loved it! There was a girl in one of my class at college who used to reproduce old masters but replace one of the figures for a punk or rocker, they were fantastic.

  2. How the hell did he end up as "head" librarian with an attitude like that? SHOCKING! Pleased I warmed you up though :)

  3. It's great when someone takes the time to make something personal like that!! In years to come, no-one will have the fun trawling through bookshops or finding an old dog-eared book, complete with childrens scribbles to read (coz there wont be any!) X

  4. How disappointing that the exhibition neglected the female role in the war effort, sadly many of the public would rather focus on the 'idealised' image of the wartime woman as helpless delicate thing. One of the reasons I always check in on your blog is that you always bring information about strong and inspirational women from history! For me, vintage is not so much about hankering for the (fictional) days when everyone looked like Jean Harlowe and more about engaging with history!

  5. Haha, that picture is awesome! And well done to the Beard for pandering to your vampiric tastes (I have never watched either show, shocking). Actually haven't seen Foyle's War either, might have to convince Mr D to sit down and have a session with me x

  6. Excellent card - The Beard had great taste in cards and presents. I love the fact that a Chelsea Pensioner tipped his hat at you.

  7. Sounds like a lovely exhibition! Whenever I see a Chelsea pensioner, I always remember Mrs Merton asking one of them which war was their favourite...! x

  8. i have awarded you with a stylish blog award on my latest post.

  9. hello congratulations for the blog, very interesting ... I will follow you .... come visit mine too if you like, follow me I'll wait ..

  10. Just scooting through the rest of your blog whilst I await my Mitchell fix and what do I find?! How cool is your other half? Mine just sighs when he sees me on

    {do you watch The Vampire Diaries? It's far better than the initial episode would suggest. Mmm, Damon Salvatore}

    Fangs for a great post (sorry)


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