Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jumper of Blue - outfit post

I have had this wee 80's vintage jumper for a while. It was a steal on the Bay of E for £6 including postage. And I really do love it. It washes well and makes me feel instantly time warp worthy.  

With added holiday weight. Which is currently being banished. Poke off holiday weight. Poke off.

Yes -  I know its the same old brown skirt -  but I do get a lot of wear out of it. As advised before -  I do wash it regularly.

The Beard did not understand the seriousness of blogging. Silly Beard.

I also had a mega roll going on that day -  and curly hair. In fact -  this was Christmas eve, so I wanted my hair to be pinned up the next day.

I have an awful habit of buying headscarves when I see one I like and it is reasonably priced. Be that in a vintage or a charity shop. I don't think I have ever bought a new one. Which is great -  if I actually used them. One of my promises to myself is to wear them more -  because I like the way they look, especially this red and blue one -  which you can't actually see all that well..

Bit of a crud pic -  sorry folks.

I think I must have dismissed and relegated most of my collection of vintage headscarves when they were too small to cover my whole head in a land girl-esque way. I was a fool! Of course, they can be used in all sorts of ways. I really need to get more use out of these silky bits of material, instead of them languishing in a basket.



  1. I do exactly the same thing with headscarves, I don't know how many I've given away because they don't cover my bonce. We shall be fools together! ;) I shall have to remember there are alternative ways to wear them

  2. Hey Toria - SO pleased that I am not the only one!

  3. ah yes I used to do that with headscarves too but now I wear them much differently fortunately I held onto some!

  4. Oooh Me too, I just can't resist a charity shop headscarf!

    Over the last couple of weeks been wearing mine to work, by using them like a much more stylish alice band, totally loving actually using them!! (though they are slippery little blighters and tend to need a fair few hair grips to stop them wandering off!)

  5. I love your jumper, such a great bargain! And your hair looks lovely-I have a bit of a headscarf addiction too, I know I have quite a few, but I was actually going out to buy some today.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  6. Loving the brown & blue combo. I can never quite get head scarves right. More practice I think! x

  7. Clips are a must! Those little ones that open and snap shut stay in place pretty much all day for me :)

  8. I have a very small head (like a Brussels sprout, says the husband. Cheek), and even so have found some scarves have to be worn as a headband. I fix silky ones with bobby pins, but snap clips would probably work better come to think of it!

  9. Ahh headscarves...... since i have grown my hair again i have become a tad obsessed.

  10. hi,

    I saw your comment on Retro Chick's blog,I have made a similar dress using the same fabric. In both the blue and yellow colour way.

    For more info...


  11. I love a blue/brown combo. Nifty steal by the way, ebay is coming up with some goodies at the moment. Headscarves...what can I say? I'd be lost without them.....
    Just come from Penny Dreadful and seen you in all your glory. A 'husky voices sex pot', is it?!
    Tell you what sweetie, if I had a maginificent pair of chests like that, they'd be in everyones face!!!

  12. A pair of chests??? That would imply I have 4? Oh my gods. PERISH the thought!

  13. I too have loads of head scarves but theres no way any of them will cover my huge hair!! I wear them as neck scarves most days :) x

  14. 'Pair of chests' is what one of my kids used to say instead of breasts when he was about 5!! It's kinda stuck as a family saying........
    Four breasts is plain greedy!!

  15. I love that colour combination! And the blue really looks lovely on you, hurrah for so beautiful jumper being so kind on the purse!
    And also "a pair of chests" made me giggle a little bit too much :)

  16. I love a staple skirt to mix and match tops with, especially for work saves having to get up even earlier to decide what to wear! Don't get me started on things I have languishing that I don't wear/use, and as far as my scraves go I mostly wear them as neck scarves too as having them slip off my head whilst I walk down the street was not a good look! - will have to try clips. Love that jumper, great colour and at £6 it was a fab bargain.


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