Tuesday, 15 February 2011

If I could knit... outfit post

I would knit me something like this. 

Jumper & brogues -  Primark....Skirt -  charity shop

But I can't and I don't hold out any hope that I shall ever be able to do so. So, I am relegated to the high street. Which, thankfully, this season is chocka with lovely little knits. Cardys and jumpers alike. Hurrahs.

I do get a lot of wear out of this brown skirt. I do wash it in between posts, honest. I wear it so much because I love the colour and the cut -  and after over 6 months languishing in my "when-I-lose-weight" pile, it is now a little too big. So I want to get as much use out of it as I can. And above all -  it's comfy and gives me the look I like.

Oh. And it was £4 from a charideeee shop. Bargainous!

Pip pip!


  1. Primark have got some good knits in at the mo, my fave are my two chashmere ones, one cream and onebaby pink... i am too scared to wash them tho!

    And i am a rubbish knitter too.. give me a couple of yards of fabric any day!


  2. i can teach you - wish you were closer you could come to my knit group.... and you can always get the skirt taken in. looking good. x

  3. You know... I've been too busy to shop recently. TOO BUSY TO SHOP- THE PAIN THE PAIN!

    I must correct this terrible error with a char-i-dee and Primarni fest come the weekend.

  4. Oh love the jumper, I'll have to check out Primark!

    Have to say to knit a jumper like that would take me aaaaaaaaggggess, so I am so glad the shops are selling vintage inspired woolens!!

  5. You sweater girl, you! You probably couldn’t hand knit as cheaply as the shop bought anyway- good old primark- they really are very good for their knitteds!

  6. great find! I love the skirt, too, which is so akin to my Puttin on the Ritz 30s repro skirt! So lovely!

  7. Nice sweater! I'm just about to embark on my first knitted project oooh in about 15 years ha ha! I have however choosen a summer one so I have plenty time to finish it ;o)

  8. Hahaha we do it again! I have this jumper too. :-)

  9. Tell me about it! Oh why am I such a pants knitter? Why didn't I pay more attention when granny was trying to teach me?!!
    That looks lovely. I do like these little sweaters. I must get me back to the chazza shops to see if there are any about.xxx

  10. I haven't seen any "vintage inspired" knits in the stores here in Canada, and we don't have charity shops the same as you do in the UK, at least not around here.

    I've joined a knitting group and hope to be able to knit some sweaters for myself. The problem is finding vintage (or vintage-look) patterns in plus sizes. Not having much luck with that I'm afraid.

    And that skirt of yours, well I'd love to have a similar one in my wardrobe.

  11. Nice jumper missy!....I too have it! And I am very jealous of that skirt. I must say, if I owned one such as this, it would be my go-to skirt too!
    I reeeeeeally want to learn to knit properly too! I can do scarves or anything else in a straight line, but I want someone to teach me properly. I love home-knit sweaters!
    One day, I will learn.....one day.....

  12. It is a smashing jumper, and looks fab with that skirt. Such a good length.

    (I didn't learn to knit until I was 30. Who knows, you might be ready to learn now.)

  13. Go on, join a knitting group and give it a go or you could always learn from those Youtube tutorials. Shame you're not nearer as I'd be only too happy to show you how to wield thos needles!

  14. You know what is great about that jumper? The SLEEVE LENGTH. So classy. Now pondering whether I could shorten the sleeves on 80s vintage jumpers to make them look more 40s...

  15. Thanks for the comments folks :)I'm pleased that you seem to all like the skirt. I have a heap of posts in draft... mainly featuring this skirt :)

    VK - I have often thought about joining a knitting group - but I wonder if I have the patience for it!

    PD - YES! take the sleeves up!!! :)

  16. I'm going to give this knitting malarkey a go. I keep in seeing all rhis wondrousness on blogs and its about time l got some for myself. I dont have a plan ywt though!


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