Thursday, 3 February 2011

God bless America - outfit post

I have long longed for something vintage from the U S of A. I have had some dodgy duffs in the past (although the customer service had to be battled for -  I did get a refund in the end and got to keep the dress - so I can't complain) and I have had some glorious winners.

Apologies again for the kitchen shot. It's the only relatively decent light. There is no excuse for the hat hair.

This -  for me -  is one of them. Now  - it is not strictly vintage. I say this, because it's 80's -  and being born in 1980, I take umbridge with being "vintage". That's just me. But, it is lovely! I can deal with being that. *wink*

I'm not too sure what it is made out of, but it washes well and I love the colour and the neckline. And it was a steal for £10.13 (god bless eBay lurking too)

Over and out .


  1. Love that print. And the 80s are a rich rich source of older style vintage, all you gotta do is take out the supersonic shoulder pads! x

  2. Oooh that is a great print.

    I love 70s and 80s stuff, so much of it has a really good 30s and 40s style AND you can fling it in the washing machine!

  3. machine washable is always a bonus.

  4. lovely colour, really suits you! x

  5. What a lovely find!!! Well done!! x

  6. I can remember wearing 80's fashions! I'm sure I had a dress like that....hahaha, I'm showing my age!

  7. I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award as I love your blog! (:

    See my blog for more information:

  8. It's a great dress! Beautiful print. I just discovered your blog and I'm very glad I did.


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