Friday, 21 January 2011

This is how I see the world....

... when ever I am .. well.. anywhere touched by either World War I or II . Which for the most part, is London. I often wonder what it would have looked like before, during and after The Blitz.

I found out about the below artist through a quick post by Out with the New, In with the Old. If you have not checked out this delight,  I urge you to do so.

Although the below pictures are not England, the ravages of war are no different. I love the way that Sergey Larenkov has brought to life the way that I sometimes see the world. I have had a look through his live journal -  which is in Russian/English. I am hoping that the above link has translated it for you.

But -  to see some from the UK, Retro Chick posted about Nick J Stone on her FaceBook page. I would love to see some of London at some stage.

On with some of my choice picks by Sergey Larenkov... all pictures are copyright of his LiveJournal site.

This is one of my favourites.

And these 2 left me speechless. And chilled. So simple, but so very, very clever.

 I applaud Mr Larenkov for his eye for detail and absolute vision when it came to bringing the past very much into the present. I am in the process of interviewing him for the blog - post to follow shortly.

And for enabling me to show The Beard how I actually look at things. It has gone some way to enabling him to understand my history geek-ness.

If anyone else knows of pictures like this that were taken in London, then I would love to know about them. I can then sit at my computer for even longer saying "Oh my God -  this is what it was actually like there once...."

Sergey Lavenkov's LiveJournal does advise at the beginning that he hopes to show you that "..the story often hides a very scary page, and the return to the present is much more pleasant  [than] to travel into the past." 

I for one relish travelling into the past. It makes me acknowledge where I come from, what my family and ancestors went though. It is not something that it ever very far from my mind. I could not dress the way I do and have it any other way.

Over and Out.   

(all images used with the artist's consent)


  1. Really gets me thinking.

    Shirl x

  2. Wow, what amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. I have seen similar ones in the UK, where they hold up an picture against the modern setting. Can't remember the site no unfortunately. Btw I see you won a lipstick - well done! x

  4. Those pictures have really got to me, in a real lump in the throat kind of way! Very eerie, sad even, but with a real connection from the past to the present….modern times with the unseen ghostly presence of the past and all- brrr! The one with Hitler and the cheery tourists is quite something! Tups x

  5. Eeeek, glad to see you enjoy these photos as much as I do! I can't get over how eerily beautiful they are, it's like holding a window to the past over a place. I'm pleased that some amazing people have brought these pictures into existence.
    And thanks for linking to my post you lovely lady!

  6. Gosh, what an amazing perspective they bring. I grew up in Bermondsey near the docks so there are little signs of the war all around, but I kinda forgot how to imagine that since I don't live there and haven't lived there for years. Thank you for an imaginative post! And lucky us we are lipstick winners!! x

  7. Brilliant work. Makes you

  8. wow! What an stunning way of showing us the past, it makes it all seem more real somehow and all the more moving. It is so easy for people to forget the history thats all around us. Those images with Hitler are really powerful, I'm lost for words. I look forward to your interview with Sergey!


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