Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Curly Land Gurly

This is how I look most mornings at about 6.30am. Minus the smile. I made an effort for the photo. I doubt such a sunny grin could be repeated on a regular morning basis, even if I tried. I am normally too focused on how much I loathe my upcoming commute. And I look rather sweaty. This is on account of always over heating when I am getting ready for work. I don't know how or why, but it happens every morning.

I'm grinning. But through my gritted teeth I am saying "Crap in a hat -  it's early. I want to cry I'm so tired"

I set my hair the night before, using a little mousse and foam rollers. Medium sized ones, I think. They are bit manky now, I really should buy some new ones. I apply about 10 mins worth of heat, once I have finished rolling whilst watching TV and then cover up to stop fluffiness. I am a bit of a fidget in bed, so I have to try and limit ruining the curls before they have had a chance to set.  

See.. the smile is already starting to wane

Now. I convince myself that they only take about 5 mins to take out and style. But it is a bare faced fib. Unrolling takes about 10 mins, and about 5 mins to style. Depending on what I want to do with it. I don't brush out (very un 40's of me, I know .. I know) because I only end up looking like an electrocuted badger. Not cool. So I tend to leave them to naturally drop throughout the day. I wish they would stay this length all day -  but my hair is pretty thick and heavy, so I can only dream.

 I have tried setting lotion, which does work, to a degree. But it does not give me anywhere near as good a hold as mousse. I am also prone to using Studio Fixing Spray by L'oreal. But I find that I have to use that accompanied by a mirror -  or I spray myself in the eye.

(yep -  theres the brown skirt. Again)

And this is me at the end of the day. You can see how much it has dropped.  Despite being tied up when I go to bed, this will go straggly over night. There would be no chance of me getting away with a "down" do the next day -  which is where my love of curly "up" do's has come from.

 A couple of pins and I'm off! 

Over and Out :)


  1. I didn't know tht 6.30 am was a real time! You look remarkable for such an early hour, I must try harder :)

  2. I cannot sleep in curlers how do you do it? I used to try when I was younger but uuuurgh! Mind you I am like you I have very thick hair and end up with my head a good 2 inches of the pillow with the amount of curlers!

    Also I'm like you setting lotion is not strong enough for my hair, I used the L'oreal Fixing Spray too.

  3. It looks great! 6.30am, oh deary me, you look amazing!
    I find trying to get my (fine) hair in any sort of retro '40s do a virtual impossibility. I have setting lotion in the drawer which I was going to try so am feeling disheartened now! I've used the L'Oreal stuff, it's not bad. My hair drops lots through the day too, though it is naturally quite wavy Haven't tried sleeping on rollers overnight, used to with those bendy plastic snake things when I was young but think I'm a more sensitive type now! I've got heated rollers and curling tongs but I am useless with them. Do you think the foam ones are better? I wash my hair and leave it, that's it, I am not a hair styling kind of girl, which when it comes to the '40s just will not do, will it!
    Hen x

  4. 6:30am, how perfectly horrid. I never smile until at least 10am (and sometimes hnot even then). I'm impressed at your hair commitment, I would never be bothered to make such an effort in the morning. Thank goodness for crops! x

  5. Jen - Yep. It sure it. So is 6.15am - which is when I get up. Whinging all the time as I do it.

    Fi - I have found that foam rollers (from Wilko - bargainous!) are ok to sleep on - and that headscarf I am wearing it quite long - so it cushions quite well.

    Hen - Oh No! DON'T be disheartened when it comes to setting lotion. You might find it works ok for you!

    PD - Glad we are meeting after 10am then! Ha ha ha! Also - I do not do anything 40's wise that takes more than 20 mins. It takes me 20 mins to set it - and then another 10 or so to sort it in the morning.

  6. You look good for 06.15am. When I'm on the early shift I have to start work at 06.30am - I just get up and go, can't manage anything else at 05.15am.

  7. Wow, you have so much more patience that I do! Your hair looks great, it's always interesting to see how other people style their hair. I'm a wash and leave kinda gal, I don't even bother with a brush (which I suspect is noticeable most days, haha)

  8. Hey, you're an early bird like me!

    I can't sleep in rollers, I have tried but they make me itch! Your hair still looks curly at the end of the day though; mine's so fine that any curl drops out within hours!

  9. How come you still look sooooo glamorous, firstly at 6.15, and secondly with a head full of curlers!

    When I put mine in, the ever so tactful boyfriend says its like sleeping next to Nora Batty!:)

    Unfortunately its the only way my hair will stay curled for more than an hour, so he just going to have to lump it!! (or maybe i should attack him with my broom)!

  10. Your hair looks fab at either end of the day! Thank you for your blog comment. I occasionally sell on ebay, but dont' do etsy/folksy. Flossie's headscarf is not for sale as it hides the damage to her wonderful 40's hair. If you click here you will see the state she was in when I bought her last year! I will look out for another spotty scarf next time I am over in France & let you know! Lizzie x

  11. You look great, love your look :)

  12. I can't sleep in rollers. :(

    Luckily, my hair stays curled with tongs pretty well. But on work days it's strictly 'blow dry to a veronica-lake peekaboo and wear down' or 'ponytail with a bit of a pin curl'. Or I go 70s, but then again I'm very tempted by the 70s anyway!!

  13. I never used to be able to sleep with roller, but you do get used to it. If you can't do roller try rag curls - less lumpy.

    The curls looks great Land Girl!

  14. I have really curly hair so don't need the rollers! But I do have real problems getting my hair in any kind of 1940's style as hair grips just fall out :( I once did a large victory roll which took forever, by the time I'd walked down the stairs the grips had all gone! My hair is very strong & thick. Like Hen I'm not a hair styling girl & would rather wash & go..... any tips???

  15. Thanks for all the comments folks! I used to use rags - but I find rollers more comfy and more predictable with their results.

    Josie-Mary - tip's wise to get grips to stay, its best to lock them either in an "X" formation or slide them through the bottom of the roll (so.. next to the scalp) and then across the back of those pins to lock them. There are a heap of tutorials on the wonderweb, but this is the way that works for me :)

  16. You look lovely with fresh curls miss landgirl! I understand the pains of getting up at such a time of day that shouldnt exist...I start work at 7am daily, so getting up at around 5.45am is hellish and getting ready to any acceptable degree is even worse! Which is why I like to set my hair in foam curlers the night before too. Easy to remive in the morning. Though I must say I don't do them as often as I really should!

  17. oh my, how glam do you look at 6.30

    i look like i've been dragged through a hedge backwards

    you are making me shop, need foam rollers and a hat now :-)

    and curtains to make a dress ala Scarlett O'Hara

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