Friday, 28 January 2011

Dress Down Friday - outfit post

This is something that I dread. I know that I should look forward to Fridays. And I do.

But I struggle with what to wear. Some times I go out and out 40's. In fact a couple of weeks back, a friend, in the middle of one of those sarky-i'm-being-rude-to-you-with-a-smile-on-my-face convo's that you have with work chums, said to me:-

"Haven't you got rations to be dishing out to an evacuee somewhere?".

I told him JLS had called and they wanted their clothes back. Oh how we laughed.

The only thing actually vintage about this outfit is the cardigan which I picked up for a steal in Brighton.

I was off to the pictures to see The Kings Speech, and I needed to have curly locks in the morning. So, I decided to do what any self respecting Land Girl would have done. Rolled my hair and covered it with a headscarf. Sorted.

I am thinking "Damn, how dusty is that light? "

I did get some looks when the lights went up. The Beard commented that people were staring.
"How nice for them" said I. And then tripped up the step, nearly dislodging my headscarf (and possibly a couple of teeth).

Thank goodness I always listened to my Dad when he used to tell me tales of woe involving "hands in pockets" and "stairs", or the gawpers would have had a right laugh at me rollers. And that will never do.

Have a  super weekend folks -  bundle up warms!


  1. Looking fab As usual!
    I get the same kind of comments at work but their all boys so taking the mickey is what they do best!! Some days though I could strangle the blighters!!!
    When I go up to Liverpool to see my parents, some of the girls up their go about town with ruddy great big velcro rollers in thier hair and thier pj's still on and no one batts a false eyelash, where as I get all the strange stares for looking smart in a 40s way! Funny ol' world ain't it!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. love this landgirl look! happy weekend!

  3. That is a very good look. I love brogues, they are just so versatile!

  4. p.s Thanks for joining my face book page. Welcome! x

  5. Hmm yeah flippin' dress down Fridays. They should have 'glamour Mondays' to make us all feel better about the weekend being over, and skirts only Tuesdays...Forties get my drift. You look lovely. Who cares if people are staring? They are always staring at something, so why not you?

    I skipped to work in a dress I bought from e bay that's sort of satin material to just above the bust then chiffon to the neck if that makes sense? -a nd leggings because it's a fair way above my knee, and I was freezing yesterday in a far-too-flimsy dress for winter. My boss commented 'I thought it was dress down? - You look very elegant' - I'm sure she meant well, but I couldn't help but say 'Friday is wear what I like day'..okay so every day is, but I see it as a chance to go to town.

  6. I love it! those jeans with turn ups look fab. We have dress down all the time days, which is naff! The only day we have been told how to dress was when the Minister of Transport was supposed to come in, then it was "dress smart". We all did, he never came. i loved seeing the chaps in the office in suits, Chaps in suits looks so good.
    Lady C that dress sounds fab! x

  7. that headscarf look is very cute! I need to master that for bad hair day coverups! :) My fiance calls it my "washer woman look", though he thinks it should inspire me to do some actual washing, which it doesn't!

  8. you look fab - and i love your come back. the head scarf really suits you. go girl! x

  9. Oh yes, a head of rollers, masked by a hefty headscarf is a fabulous way of achieving good hair but looking good in the process! I had a nightshift on the 23rd of dec, and then was due to go home on the 24th for Christmas eve celebrations with the I went in for my nightshift with my big foam rollers contained by a silky headscarf!
    You look really cute in your 'dress down friday' outfit, I adore that cardigan! xx

  10. Love the outfit, have a good weekend :)

  11. I love your outfit and who cares about those gawpers - you look great in your headscarf!

  12. Great outfit! (: You look lovely & i love your glasses! I recently had to get some new ones, but couldn't find any vintage style ones anywhere! where do you get yours from?
    Miss B x

  13. Teeheehee *snort* I love that work story, I had to read it out to Mr D.

    People are probably staring because you look fab and they are jealous. It is true, if you dress nicely you get stared at because most people are boring slobs. I often dress up for dress 'down' Friday too, I don't find jeans very comfortable to sit in all day (oh my bulging tummy) and rarely get a chance to wear pretty dresses, so screw whoever doesn't like it xx

  14. I hope your teeth are okay. The headscarf looks great - all the gawpers were probably wishing they could dare to step outside the fashion norm and look fab too.

    We can wear what we want for work, but rather than encourage me to dress nicely I do tend to look a bit of slob in the office.

  15. hi found you from lizzie at washerwoman, love the blog my passion is making 1940 style hats so i really loved your blog fab pics of you ,keep it up from hesta at green-glamour.blogspot thanks

  16. the bit about your rollers and tripping made me chuckle x

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