Monday, 24 January 2011

Clairol Nice'n'Easy Foam Dye - Review

I must admit that when I saw the advert for this on the TV the other night, I might have "shushed" The Beard so that I could take it all in. What a rude Landgirl I am. I did apologise though and all was well.

After the "ooh-lets-dye-my-hair-red" debacle, closely followed by the "no-lets-go-back-to-brown" witterings, I thought that I could handle the red still showing through. Turns out I am a big fat fibber. I have a sneaking suspicion that using a semi-perm colour, whilst being easier to put on, has the staying power of chalk in the rain. And I only wash my hair, at the very most, twice a week.

So. I decided to go permanent dark brown, using the above. And I am extremely pleased with the result. This product goes on with ease and gives a good even colour. There was no flicking about of colour as I shoved my head upside down to get to the back of my neck. No dripping. And no stench of hair dye. Because this is a perm colour, there is the odd lung full of ammonia (nice!) to be had,  so I would advise an open window, but the conditioner provided completely eliminates the smell.

The only criticism I have is that sometimes squeezing the bottle with a dye-soaked gloved hand can make it skitter away from you (and into the bath in my case -  accompanied by some "woah...whoooopp... oh no!!" type noises from me) so perhaps a grip on the base of the bottle would be of benefit.

This is on offer at the moment in Superdrug for £4.99 as opposed to the usual £6-ish. I have longish thick hair and 1 bottle was ample cover. It also has a handy line on the bottle to tell you how much to use if you have shorter hair.

I think this might just be my go to product from now on!


  1. Hair dyes have come such a long way in the last few years - they're all so much better. I've been dying my hair since I was 16, but recently it's gone from whim to necessity!! Loreal I find hit and miss, and the much cheaper Boots own brand does an excellent job. Not tried this one but perhaps I'll give it a go.

    And my main word of warning to any new dyers...cover everything with newspaper and remove all fabrics (e.g towels). It's incredible how much splashing can occur, even for a veteran like me!

  2. Agreed! I have been dying my hair for about the same amount of time. Splashing is a pain! You get it even with a "non drip" brand.

  3. Spooky! I was just thinking I would give this brand a bash next weekend! I have tried perfect 10, but it only lasts a few washes on my hair and nearly killed me with amonia!:(
    Fingers crossed for this one! Thanks for the review!

  4. Hi,
    Love the hair, good job done, I hate dying my hair and leave it to the pros, can't cope with the devastation I wreak on the bathroom! Just replying to you about quilts. I have used all sorts of batting (the middle bit) and whilst I quite like the fat pouffey ones sometimes, there is no doubt that the thinner the batting, the easier it is to quilt. You can still get warmth with a cotton or wool batting, which are thinner than polyester. Indeed, I recently used a blend 70 cotton/30 polyester which was very nice and a dream to quilt. I buy all my wadding/batting from The Cotton Patch. Traditional quilts tended to have no or thin batting, even used old blankets and quilts in the middle. I have promised a blog post on batting but it's not thrilling me! Tutorials take up valuable quilting time, I'm afraid! For xmas, the other half bought me Darlene Zimmerman's Complete Guide to Quilting which is really good, I'd get a book like that to get you on the right track.
    Hen x

  5. Useful review thank you! The hair looks fab! Lizzie

  6. Thanks for this review- I was wondering about this new innovation too! I'm a long-time dyer (kind of the reverse of you: can't bear to see the brown through the red) and usually opt for Nutrisse or (if I'm in a pillar-box mood) 'LIVE' colour.

    I tried a 10 minute one recently and found it sadly lacking. :( But this foam sounds ideal!

  7. Great review! I bought two of these the other night because they're two for £10 at Sainsbury's. One is for me the the other for my teenage daughter. I'm probably going to use mine today so I just thought I'd have a look to see if anyone had reviewed it, though I wasn't optimistic as it's a fairly new product. So it was a treat to find this (especially as it's so positive!). Good to be forewarned about the slippiness of the bottle, too. Thank you!


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