Saturday, 11 December 2010

When You Have Hat Hair - outfit post

Keep the darn thing on, I always say!

The hair under this mustard hat from Camden is something no one should see. I didn't even want to look at it myself. What started off as a quick "this-will-do-for-the-commute-and-I'll-sort-it-out-when-I-get-to-the-office" do, became a "dear-sweet-dumplings-NO!!-NO-ONE-SHALL-EVER-SEE-THIS-HORROR!!" nightmare.

A bit of cunning pinning and a roll and I was sorted. Ish.

Why can't I just smile? Why do I find it so hard?

Hat - Camden... Skirt & top - charity rummage... belt -Primark... cardy  - H&M.
I need to get a smaller belt. This one is too big for me now
Also -  gotta love Bran Flakes.

But -  I am finding it harder to be parted from my hat. Not just this one. Any in my collection. And this brings with it the temptation of being lazy with my hair every day. As the winter grows longer, the delicious possibility of staying in bed for 3 extra minutes is something I shall find hard to ignore.


  1. I love the cheeky pose! I know what you mean about hats, I love my fair isle tam (although I didn't knit it myself)!

  2. Love the hat, and your skirt is also rather fab! This outfit is very cute indeed! x

  3. You look wonderful.Your hat matches your cardi! I love hats and wear them in any weather...I set my hair then put my hat on!

  4. Hehe that made me laugh! Your face in the first pic is wonderful! x

  5. You look fab in this outfit... the colour really suits your lovely dark locks. Hats are sooo great and useful x

  6. Fab hat. In the cold weather I am actually finding bad-hair days a bonus because there is no chance of my hat spoiling my 'do!

  7. your hat looks fab, and those extra minutes in bed are just so worth it sometimes x

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