Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Tale of 2 Trees

Like many of the blogs I have been reading of late, there also seems to be a severe lack of Festive Spirit in the Land Girl home. And I have pinned the blame firmly on the pathetic spindly branches of our 3 ft, pre lit tree.

If you squint -  you can see it. Just. Oh dear. It IS pathetic.

I was ok with it in when we first put the decorations up on the 5th December. There was heavy ... well heavy for the UK ... snow and it seemed like the perfect time. Out came "The Christmas Crooners" CD and the box of decs. An hour later, they were all up and done. A sigh of relief rang round the flat. 

The Festive Beard cunningly covering the fairy light wires with... errr.. masking tape. Blends a treat.

A red light kitchen. Thankfully these lights cannot be seen from the street. Who knows where that might lead.

But it was not to last. As my festive spirit became less, I knew that it could potentially become terminal. And with all my whole family coming to ours for Christmas Day, I knew I had to act quickly. I had to remove the feeble twig. And replace it with this....

Bigger is always better when it comes to Yuletide trees

For a meagre £12.50 (loving half price it's-a-week-before-the-Big-Day sales), including most baubles, lights and whatnots, it may not be as bushy or as overwhelming as I would have liked, but it is decidedly better. In my humble, festive spirit restored, opinion. Let the pictures commence...

I went a bit bauble mental and splurged on 4 of these lovely glass ones. I now have only have 3.
Glass + wooden flooring =  no more bauble

One persons charity donation is my £3.40-for-the-set treasure

Yep. Baubles from the ceiling. I unashamedly pinched the idea from a good friend of mine.
 I keep popping out into the hallway, looking up and saying "Oooooh! Pretty!"

And if all of that was not enough to make me feel full of Yuletide -  then the snow should do it!
My trusty mustard hat and wool skirt combo. Fitted jacket via charity rummage for £4.
Wellies are the only way for me to deal with snow. I had nice, warm, dry tootsies.

I hope those of you who have yet to feel the seasonal sparkles find them soon :)

Ho Ho Ho... gotta go!   


  1. I love those lights in your kitchen, I'd have those all year round

  2. Loving the lights! I'm starting to sparkle a bit myself..I know what you mean about the glass baubles. In my case it's baubles+cat+wooden floor= smashed..xx

  3. Yay for tree upgrades! I'm too soft and couldn't bear to relegate our tiny tree this year, he's at the side of our main tree like a little tag-along chum!

  4. The new tree is better and loving the baubles from the ceiling!

  5. Lovely, hope you are feeling a bit more festive now.
    Now that we don't have a cat most of my baubles are glass. As Ivy says cat + glass baubles = smashed

  6. I'm such a traditionalist, I have to get a real tree every year because I love the smell so much. Wouldn't it be great to have a room full of trees, you could pretend you were in Narnia every day x

  7. Oooh, lovely! And very festive. I can't believe how much snow you have though, I imagine it's a pain in the arse but it looks so pretty!

  8. Glad you got a new tree! It looks really lovely! It's so cool how you hung baubles from the ceiling. Love all the pictures, and the way you write is truly intriguing!

  9. Hehe you made me chuckle about the red light thingy- I use to put them up in my window too- but mine overlooks the road- never again!Never had any knocks at the door thank goodness! Look smashing in the snow miss- the colour of your hat and jumper are scrumptious! A yo ho ho to you too! Xx Tups xx

  10. Baubles from the ceiling look fab. What a brilliant idea!

  11. Oooh, I must get the rest of my decorations up.

    I have no room for a tree as it's spot is now occupied by a 50s cocktail cabinet. I have lovely baubles (fnaar) and no where to hang them!

  12. Ya, Ive definitely lost my usual festive spirit! I am not giving up yet though, 2 more days left! I love the Christmas baubles from the ceiling idea!

  13. haha glad to hear about the new tree!
    cool blog :)

    <3 :)


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