Tuesday, 14 December 2010

St Cyr Vintage - Question Time!

You may remember that a couple of months back I had a pretty jam packed weekend, where I visited St Cr Vintage in Camden? Well -  the lovely owner, Jessica, kindly agreed for me to interview her for your reading pleasure. I am not a sponsored blog -  so I am promoting this shop purely because I had such a fabulous vintage shopping experience there and want to pass it on to people who may benefit. Simple as that.

How and when did you get into the Vintage Trade?
I have been in business for 15 months but I guess you could say I have been "involved in the trade" since I was about 16 - although I didn't originally see my collecting as a business - I've often frequented car boots, selling clothes that I no longer liked/fitted into, and purchasing new exciting and unusual things! I have a passion for all, I don't think I could pick a single one! I like quality clothing, whether it be 1940s or 1970's.  I love the complicated layers of Victorian dress, the long flowing gowns of the 30s, the full skirts of the 50s, the colours and psychedelic patterns of the 60s - I just could go on and on and....

What is your favourite find that you could not bear to sell?
I have an 1846 Wedding dress in immaculate condition which I just could not part with. (Not that it would fit me!)

When not working, what sort of thing do you like to do? Do you attend any "vintage events"?
I am a bit of a workaholic and running the business takes up a lot of my time, but it is very rewarding because it is my passion.  I like seeing new places and I go to vintage events all over the country as and when I can - I would say that it is part work and part pleasure!  I also love going to antique fairs and festivals in the summer.  I am not really one for standing still for long so I enjoy festivals where you can take part in lots of things, dance, discover, build stuff & learn to juggle! I really enjoy listening to music, in particular, early Jazz, Blues, Swing and Reggae.

What is the best thing about running St Cyr Vintage?
It has to be the opportunity to snap up some nice bits for myself, second only to seeing a very happy customer leave with an item that they will cherish!

I do implore you to visit Jessica and her lovely shop if you are in the area and feel so inclined. It truly is the best flesh and bone vintage shopping experience I have personally had to date. They are having a Christmas Party Sale this Saturday, 18th December, which you can obtain a flyer for through their FaceBook Page. Full directions and what not are available on their webpage.

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  1. Ooh great, I'm not far from Camden so will need to pop down and check them out :)


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