Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pretty Patches...

.. when stitched together in a slightly wonky fashion and embellished with lots of other bits and pieces, make a quilt for my Mum's 50th birthday present.

I really struggled with what to buy my Mum. She is a fussy femme and I always have to really hunt for something I think she would like. And considering that we are sharing milestone birthdays this December (her's is today -  but she doesn't know how to switch on a computer -  so I am safe to share), I thought I would make her something that she can keep. Something that I made with love and care ... and a lot of cursing and strops.

Me. Minus any makeup. Not a good look. My hair also looks like I have been touching electrical points with wet hands.

You see. This is my first (and possibly last) patchwork quilt. There may be roses on the material -  but it certainly was not a bed of them. Which is totally my fault. I did no research or reading up, despite following the fabulous Hen House blog, and went ahead in my usual "oh it will be fine" manner. Which is mostly to my detriment. I knew what a quilt looked like. But not the method.

Part of the method should not include turning your back for a quick smoke, thus allowing a fluffy Memphis to sit in the middle of it. *sigh*.

After stitching all the patches together and adding various buttons and bits of matching ribbon, it was time to back it. This is where it all went horribly wrong.

Tools of the trade. Whenever I stitch, be it by hand or on the machine, I always have a
 little bowl to pop cut thread into. Keeps it nice and tidy.

Even my uber organised self could not fix it. It took a very patient Beard to help me. See. What happened was.... When I started to stitch across it diagonally, to effectively "quilt" it, it snagged. And became what looked like a crumpled mess. But, after some serious tears, "just put it IN THE BIN!!" moments and some clever pulling, pinning and stitching, all was saved.

Now. My eyes do work. I know that this is not perfect. It could be way better.
But I made it, for my Mum, and I know that she will think it IS perfect.
Which all the matters to me :o)

This will potentially be my last post of 2010 so...

Thanks for popping in over the last few months
& a tres merry Yuletide & a cheery New Year
 to one and all!


  1. fun, warm and homey post...Seasons Greetings!

  2. Gorgeous quilt! I hope your mum has a really good birthday.

    (Ans Memphis is just adorable.)

  3. oh, it looks wonderful and I'm sure she will love it! Sending lots of love to you for a Merry Christmas me darling… tuppyxxx

  4. Your quilt looks great; its a much nicer and thoughtful birthday present than something that's shop brought.

    Have a happy Christmas and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts in the new year. xxx

  5. It looks fab I'm sure she'll love it. Merry Christmas!

  6. It does look good! Bit of a better effort than mine from the look of it! I love your sewing face. That's a face that's just HAD ENOUGH :) I know the feeling well.
    Happy Yule and a good New Year to you and yours.

  7. Wow! I am massively impressed. Of course I would want to make one out of tartan and sequins and velvet rather than flowers, but I still LOVE it. Huge props for tacking such a huge project and WINNING x

  8. Wow your quilt looks fab, it was certainly worth the perseverance !

    There is nothing quite like a homemade present to make Christmas that extra bit special- As well as an extra bit stressful!:)

    Have a great Christmas x

  9. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with an 'it will be fine!' attitude. I do it all the time, and it can lead to good things, as your lovely quilt has proven! I bet she will be chuffed with it and all the work that you have put into it, well done hun. Love your 'huffy' face, and what is it with cats needing to sit on something?? I have got one adult cat and two kittens; I turned around in the bathroom this morning to find one of them sitting in the sink with a 'what? I'm not doing anything wrong!' look on his face.....I despair!

    Have a lovely Christmas! xx

  10. Nice quilt- well done. I am sure your mum will treasure it!

  11. wow, I am so impressed. That cute exasperated face made me lol! Happy holidays!!

  12. I think it's lovely that you made the rosy quilt for your mum and it's amazing if this was your first time?! Like all things, it takes practise so at this rate, you'll be a quilter in no time! I made a quilt for xmas for my parents too (haven't been able to show it yet as they read the blog) as I never know what to buy them either.
    A very Merry Christmas to you. I love Merlin by the way, cats and quilts just go together!
    Hen xxx

  13. Happy Holidays. Loving those glasses. Very 50's.

  14. I think that's amazing, I wouldn't have the patience to make a quilt, what a lovely and thoughtful present though!

  15. Oh how much does your mum love it?? Parents ALWAYS love homemade presents! It looks lovely, I am actually quite envious! And hey, imperfections make things a bit more exciting and less generic... Thats what I tell myself anyway :)
    I think my next homemade task might be to knit myself a blanket for my bed! I one day am going to do my own patchwork quilt...when I can be faffed to read up on how to best do it! xxx


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