Monday, 6 December 2010

A jumper of purest green!

Finally. It is washed and is sans charity shop smell. It took 2 washes though. Sheesh. This is the jumper I snaffled whilst on holiday in Hay on Wye.

Jumper & skirt via charity rummage. Shoe from New Look.
Excuse the commuter creases.

Not too sure what happened to the front left hand side roll. It seems to have a life of it's own!
As does my poser face. And this is my "end of day" hair and makeup. I look much more polished at 6.45am!

I do so love my charity shop wardrobe adventures. And I never seem to forget how cheap something was. Total outfit, including shoes, was a credit crunching £23. Most excellent.



  1. The jumper looks gorgeous on you - the little flowers are such a pretty detail.

  2. That looks like a Land Girl chic jumper! I love that shade of green - very delicate.

  3. Wow, cable knit AND little flowers. I am in love!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. For once I don't want to steal your clothes. Lovely as the jumper is I cannot stand wearing roll neck jumpers or anything like them so you are safe today! lol

  6. Fanks for comments thus far :O)

    That said - Miss Magpie - I must confess they are not my favourite either. This one makes me feel very.. err... contained. Which with my amples is not such a bad thing. But it is very snuggly and GREEN!!!! :O)

  7. this is oh so very land girl! You be careful you don't get you bottom pinched by an old boy suddenly reminded of his youth! lol ;O)

    p.s I see you are 1 away from 50 followers!

  8. That's such a cute winter outfit!

    I'm the same, I sometimes mentally tot up the value of my outfits and sit there feeling smug about how cheap it all is, especially when there's good labels among it!

    Todays total, for the record is £28, slightly skewed by a £10 pair of Bertie shoes from eBay :D

  9. Hey RC - thanks! It was tres warm! Glad someone else has a certain air of smug-bargain hunter about them! :o)

  10. Nice jumper love. What I really like though is the Blackadder reference!


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