Monday, 13 December 2010

Birthday Tea!

Today is my 30th birthday. Something I am coming to terms with. I know that it is not old. By any means. And I have been told by friends and family alike that "life begins at 30". I sincerely hope so. My slight melancholy was lifted yesterday by The Beard.

And the surprise Afternoon Tea he had booked...

Where the devil is that train?

Ah. Swish and suave.

I loathe mince pies. But it would have been rude not to nom it. So I did.

In this shot I appear to be showing less than the 1940's decorum I usually like to display. My apologies. If you happen to have noticed the dress -  its an eBay purchase.

Little mini, but surprisingly filling, sarndviches.

Plenty petit four. I have a suspicion that I have spelt that wrong.

Nom nom nom

These ones tasted a little like perfume.

So I took the taste away with some scones. Warm ones.

And that which we could not finish, we got to take home!

Lovely roses...

In what else other than a tea pot!

It was a great experience and one that I shall always remember,  but it is a lot of money for little bits of cake and bread. I think it is the thrift in me that cannot let that part go. But -  that said, those scones sure were yummy!

So onwards into the 30's I go... wish me luck!


  1. Happy Birthday!! What a fantastic treat, you look very glam. Love the doggie bag.

  2. Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous. I do love a tea especially mini

  3. What a Lovely Treat!! Have a great Birthday!

  4. What a lovely suprise! Happy birthday!

  5. What a fancy doggie bag, the whole tea looks amazing.
    Happy Birthday!

  6. YAY! Looking gorgeous and flirty in your 30's! What a lovely day. I love that scarf and dress of yours too. :) xx

  7. Amazing noms! I love tea sooo much. Have you tried the Wallace Collection for afternoon tea? It's like being outside, inside...

    As for being 30. Been there, done that- it's not so bad (and definitely no reason for excessive decorum in the neck area, if anything, I flaunt more in the hope of being taken for a rakish, happy-go-lucky woman of the world rather than a waifish innocent...). ;)

  8. Happy birthday to you!! What a lovely birthday treat and I've never see a doggy bag as posh at that!

  9. Happy Birthday! That looks like a wonderful day out, lucky birthday girl!

  10. I have to say my thirties were by far the best of the lot!

    Afternoon tea = bliss with a capital B. I got taken to the Ritz once and as you say the price is slightly heartstopping but the food was gorgeous and I shall never forget it.

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY x x

  11. Happy birthday! The 30s are a great decade ;)

  12. Happy Birthday to a lovely lady! (and a gorgeous looking one, too.)

  13. Happy birthday my dear. I always think posh afternoon tea is quite good value - they are only cakes and sandwiches to be sure, but you can take your time and have a really good gossip in the loveliest surroundings. I think it is one of the nicest ways to catch up with old friends x

  14. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day.

    I'm due to hit 35 in one week, I promise once you're over the bump of 30 it only gets worse. No, I'm joking. I think my 30's have probably been my most comfortable-with-myself decade to date and are my favourite years so far. Here's to older and better! ;)

  15. Thanks for all the lovely comments and birthday wishes!! You are all too kind!

    PD - i agree.. lovely surroundings, amazing food.. but £45 each? Maybe I should have said YES!!!! to extra sarnies and shoved them down my top! Hmmmm.. gives a whole new meaning to "turkey breast". Ha ha ha.

  16. Oh my God I went there last year and it was lovely but it looks like they have really upped their game, credit crunch and all that ;-) my latest afternoon tea at Brown's was snowed off :-( I am going to find somewhere in Canterbury with Lord C on Saturday to make up for it, but he doesn't know about it yet...

    Happy Birthday. I can remember dreading my 30th, but when I got there, I thought 'Nope, not feeling any different to how I felt yesterday...still got two of most things, no arthritis yet, no food dribbling, still remember own name. Things are looking up' - it will be okay chick! I happen to be of the opinion that 30 is the worst it can get. Someone asked me how old I was today I had to work it's just not worth bothering with after a while! xx

  17. A little late but……’Many Happy Returns of the Day, Ducky!’
    You look amazing and so do those expensive cakes and whatnots! Forty-five squid- my word that is expensive- but I’m sure you are worth it and anyhoo you are only 30 once! It’s my dream to do something similar so I can wear a posh hat and all- oh, and it sure does beat going to Tesco’s on your 18th and working extremely hard on your 21st! Tups xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (30 kisses for you!)

  18. I love that first photo of you- so cute!
    A late happy birthday to you missy! It looks liek you had a rather fab time! xxx

  19. Very late from me but Happy Birthday!

    Ah 30 is nothing, a mere child ;o)

  20. To you I send a very belated happy birthday wish!
    I turned 30 in July this year :S Can't say I was overjoyed! Looks like you had a lovely time :)


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