Thursday, 2 December 2010

Armistice Day outfit post

I know that Armistice Day seems like an age ago, but this is what I decided to wear to work to mark the occasion.

Although I always give generously to The Poppy Appeal, and donate monthly to The British Royal Legion, I very rarely wear a paper poppy. They crumple, get snagged and eaten by my hair, or lost altogether -  the disappearance of which is only brought to my attention when I find the pin. Usually lodged in an upper fleshy part of my body. Ouch. So I mark it in other ways. Like in my hair or the knitted poppy I have on my coat.

Dress -  ages old... Belt from Matalan... shoes from Asda... Hair poppy from Monsoon.

Oh dear. Not a curl of coiffe in sight! Thankfully I have since had the chop and those rats tails masquerading as hair are long gone. Much easier to foam roller now, and it lasts alot longer to boot.

Memorial at Guildford Station

I am so pleased that in this modern, rush about like a mental world we live in, still remembers. Especially at a busy station. I would like to see a new stone to the 626 men who died in WW2 also, but what with cut backs being the way they are -  I might have a long wait.

Sorry for the delay in posting!


  1. I've always proud that we all still remember too, it's a damn good thing!

  2. You look gorgeous. Very elegant. x

  3. They really don’t have a memorial for those who lost their lives in ww2!? It’s all a bit like… ‘Oh, and by the way, we mark remembrance for the 625 who…..’ Shame, but as you say with the cuts and all…
    Looking lovverly as always! Tups xxx

  4. A hair poppy is a lovely idea
    I'd also like to pass on the "I Love Your Blog" award to you:


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