Friday, 26 November 2010

Out with the old...

... in with the new. Well new-ish.

Being a tad skint after a Yule gift spend at the weekend -  well, before that if I'm honest -  I decided to recycle my old glasses. I needed new ones, but despite the offers from Mr Happy and the "you buy one, you get one free" scheme, I was not tempted. And I think that these new olds have a certain vintage look. Bonus!

Forgive the smirk.

And this is what I wore to work today. I do struggle with this sometimes. I work in a very relaxed smart/casual office, but I do worry sometimes about looking too "time warp". But not for very long.

Shirt & skirt via charity shop, belt & brogues via Primark. £20 in total.

And there you have it. New glasses and an outfit post. I realise that I don't do "today I am mostly wearing" posts very often. But I have a bunch in draft, so watch this space!


  1. loving the pencil skirt, I 'm sure I walk with an extra wiggle a la Monroe when I where them. Also like the shoes, This is a good look on you. x

  2. The glasses look great, I need some new ones too.

  3. You look lovely! Nice glasses :D

  4. I like the look of those glasses; they're very flattering. I'd love to be able to wear a pair of those 1950s cats eyes specs, but unfortunately they don't suit my face shape.

  5. Very foxy poses! The glasses look fab. I have got a fun pic of me in nerdy glasses, will blog it next week. I would def wear glasses just to pose and look intelligent in! x

  6. Fanks folks! I apologise for the kitchen & bathroom pictures. This is what comes from "softly lighting" my home. Naff picture quality. The kitchen & bathroom have moderatly better light :)

    Missy - yes! I think we all do! You have to really don't you?

  7. You've got my blouse on! I think it looks better on you mind.


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