Monday, 22 November 2010

My inner Hippy

I say inner -  because she used to be a lot more outer.

Oh the years have not been kind. To be 22 again!
I am talking long peasant skirt, nose ring & bindi wearing , incense buring, general Pagan-ness. I used to mark Sabbats and the Moon with witchy abandon and read Tarot on a regular basis, mostly for charity. My biggest success with this was raising £300 for Medicines sans Frontiers after seeing a horrific news report about the rape of women by soldiers in a war torn part of the world (forgive me -  I forget where -  it was 7 years ago!) See, us pagan's don't sacrifice kiddies. The stains just don't lift from the carpets.(*wink*)

I also used to wear big floppy hats and much silver jewellery. Whilst walking around barefoot. And attending Folk music festivals.

I also used to do poke all with my hair, that once reached the middle of my back (and still did until the recent chop) except dye it various colours of red or the "crap-it-won't-fade-out-for-2-years!!" black (never again!) . I also have various discreet spiritual tattoos.

A la Vintage at Goodwood.

And then that changed. Not overnight, granted. But I do look totally different now to how I did 2 years ago. My 1940's transformation has been a gradual one. It started with hair experiments. And then clothes. And then it went full time. I had always held a love of all things WW2. I love other eras of history too - especially the Tudors, but somehow, I don't think that fashion would allow me room to move on the train. Or in fact out of the front door. And going to the lav would be neigh on impossible.

Now. Just because the obviousness of my beliefs have poofed in a puff of smoke from my daily wardrobe choices, doesn't mean that the hippyette I used to be isn't still kicking. I still hold faith with what I believe, but I don't spout about it. I also burn incense on a regular basis. Life is not complete without a bit of Nag Champa wafting about.

 But I'm focused on different things now and in a way I don't think I would be so transfixed with the Women from history, especially WW2, were it not for the feminine divinity of Paganism. And I am thankful for that -  for I honour them everyday in the way I dress.

We all must have had former lives before vintage took over -  what's yours?


  1. Fab post. :-)

    I was a glam metal rock chick! HUGE bleached blonde hair, I still feel the guilt over my hairspray use and it's damage to the ozone layer. Scarves and bangles galore, cowboy boots, lots of eyeliner and very, very short skirts.

  2. Thanks!

    I demand to see big hair you!

  3. Always interesting to see people as they used to be...I love the picture of you in the hoodie.

    I've been through Pagan hippy, grunge, goth, and a variety of stages in between. My hair has been henna-ed, dyed black, aggressively short and long and flowing. I do wonder sometimes if the 40s thing is another phase that will pass like all the others.

    And I think you'll find a solution of vinegar and bicarb will lift those sacrificial stains a treat ;)

  4. :D I was a proper goth for years. That said, I'd go out clubbing in 1920s-style clothes and would swap 20s mixtapes with another goth/silentfilm loving pal, and I haven't stopped loving the things I loved then, I've just had more of a change of emphasis (and what looked cute when I was 20 won't look cute now I'm 36).

    It sounds as though the you now is as much a reflection of the real you then - it's just another aspect of your self.

  5. Never been a follower of fashion…. But pre vintage and whilst at art college I would wear a mixture, can't really put a finger on a particular style, just anything I liked- topped off with lots of beads and silver jewellery….oh, and I wore a lot of converse (still do sometimes) and I had cropped short Red/Pink hair- sort of miss the colour a bit!

  6. I've always wanted to look ladylike.

    Before I dressed really vintage I always had a lady like edge. Back in the mid 90s I had a really 40s phase where I liked heeled loafers, pencil skirts and pea coats.

    I've been through lots of phases, but there's always been an underlying love of lady like glam that's led me to my current style!

  7. Lovely photos of you - you take a damn fine picture.

    I'm like Miss Magpie - I was (and still am when I get the chance)into the heavy metal scene. I've kept the 6" heel thigh length boots and spandex jeans to hand down to Monkeychild as part of my 'Heirloom Wardrobe'!

    P.S. My 1980s crimpers still work too for that 'big hair' look!!


  8. Thanks for all the comments gals!

    VK - trust me - there are some shockers that have been deleted. SHOCKERS!

    Lauren - vinegar and bicarb you say? Hmmm... ha ha ha!

  9. Hehehe, I used to be a bit of a hippy too - took me years to grow out of it. Used to wear an indecent amount of tie dye. I've always just been a magpie though, one of my favourite outfits in uni was a Spice Girls tee, long purple 60s maxi skirt, hair loose and hippyish, with lace up punk boots. I was a mess, but at least I thought I looked great!

    The incense I have nowadays is Japanese, I find it a bit less dense than the Indian stuff.

  10. You lovely hippy chick, you. It's always interesting to see the way we were. I was a Goth...lace up boots in the middle of summer and the stench of melting hairspray...nice.xx

  11. Great post and great pics! I had rainbow doc martins and tie die tops teamed with legging or a long skirt. I was about 12 but I thought I was very cool x

  12. Loving these replies! I love picturing all of you in days gone by.

  13. LOL, reading other peoples comments, there does seem to be a bit of a pattern to our behaviours! I went from hippy chic stomping around in my DM's & love beads to a more grungey look, then to full on goth with a face full of metal and black hair (which likewise, never washed out!) I cannot believe that when I was 17 I used to go clubbing in a PVC bra & hotpants, oh the shame :D All the metal has now gone; only from my face though, I will always love the music! x

  14. Well hello Miss Meiow! Welcome :)
    Yes - the music NEVER leaves! I am known to regularly hadbang to old GreenDay tracks :)Knackers the Victory Rolls though.


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