Thursday, 11 November 2010

Come and get it!

So. What feels like MANY moons ago - I said that I would run a give away when I hit 30 followers. Well -  waddaya know? I am currently sitting at 37 and clap with joy whenever I log in. I am thrilled that you gals & guys are interested in my waffling posts. Warms the cockles, so it does.

And what better place for me to nab some goodies than Hay-on-Wye? For those of you who have read the post -  you will know from my ventures that it is laden with goodies. 

Without further ado - up for grabs we have the following...

Vintage copy of Jane Eyre -  ooh smell its aged-ness!

Vintage steel grey suede and wool gloves -  I would say that they are a large (they must be if they fit my shovels) and are toasty warm being lined with wool! (i think its wool)

Original group shot of what I *think* are Attagirls -  but I could be wrong.
Needeless to say it is a delightful photo of women's WW2 history.

And what do you have to do to win these wholesome Hay goodies? Nothing more than follow my blog and post a comment telling me your favourite female from history and why.
It can be any era -  not just WW2.
Easy, no?

I will run the giveaway until November 30th and it's open worldwide.
There is a link at the top right hand side of my home page for easy finding.

Good luck!!


  1. Oooo, Yay, me please me me! One of my fave females from history is Anne of Cleves. I've read quite a bit about her and a lot of the stuff about her being a bit of a minger is all Tudor Propaganda to support the fact old Henry simply didn't fancy her and wanted out pronto. I think she's admirable as she must have been pretty clever not to have ended up on the block and manage to stay in favour with the King throughout whilst having some sort of a life. An utterly fascinating and enigmatic woman.
    Well done on the followers lovely
    G x

  2. What a great giveaway - I don't have my own copy of Jane, even though it is one of my all time favourite books. I've been holding out for a really lovely copy, which this is - so fingers crossed. One of my favourite women from history is definitely the war heroine Nancy Wake, who I wrote about a little while ago. Her bravery leaves me in awe.

  3. my favourite woman has to be Lucille Ball. Well she is the person I named my daughter after :)

  4. Top giveaway! I think my fave is Mata Hari...I read a book about her when I was in school and I was fascinated by her. What a woman! x

  5. ah, the book that led me to spend far too much of my life studying English lit. Still my favourite! One of my favourite ladies from history has to be Lady Isabella Bird, Victorian woman traveller extraordinaire

  6. Another Jane Eyre fan here too! One of my favourite ladies from history would be Lillie Langtry.

  7. Oooh, can I be a nerd? I'm pretty sure that the picture is of ATS girls from later in the war.
    I say later (42-43?) because there is a mix of breast pocket styles and pocket flaps. Some have a pleat in them and this was removed later in the war due to fabric shortages. When the pleats were removed the shape of the flap also changed from the pretty wavy style to the plain pointed one. Those later jackets will have plastic rather than brass buttons too.
    I'm pretty sure they're ATS rather than FANY or MTC because the bands are at the front of the hats... (prepares to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable).
    Check me out ;)
    And thanks for the lovely giveaway, please count me in! :D

  8. Oooh, free stuff, yes please!

    I have too many favourite women, but today I'm going to plump for Mae West because she was mouthy and brassy and shocking and proud of it.

  9. Ooh what a great giveaway, please include me!
    I have lots of favourite women in history, but if I had to choose it would be Queen Hatshepsut, just because she had balls and went against all Egyptian convention, plus she even wore a beard, that's how dedicated she was to her cause! She kicked arse!

  10. Fab answers so far - keep 'em coming :)
    (and yes Lauren - feel free to nerd out! Thanks for the confirmation!)


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