Tuesday, 9 November 2010

All the leaves are brown...

And thanks to a bottle of dye -  so is my hair. Again.

Yes -  I know. I know. I know. I posted -  at length about the change of my hair colour only a few weeks hence.

And I did love it. But, as most of you ravenous redheads out there will understand, it is a commitment and an upkeep. Plus -  I don't think bottle dye will ever last as long as a professional job. And a profesh price I can little afford. The colour was nice, and was Rose Dewit Bukater for all of 2 washes. And then my roots (which were redder than the rest which irked me and which also annoying grow in their fully faded glory right from the front of my head) started to show and it was goodbye Rose and hello Nigella.

My best Nigella pose.

And a quick outfit check. This is me trying to get some more wear out of a summer frock. In the bathroom. Might try it with some brown tights next time. What say you?

It is a nice even colour, glossy, and easy to manage. Plus.. as it fades, I shall still have some red coming through. Aside from that  -  I no longer feel that I have to wear green everyday to show it off. As much as I love green.

So there you have it. An update from the top of my world and it's ever changing colour spectrum.


(Hay-on-Wye post to follow next -  I PROMISE!)


  1. Ha, I am going to get my hair dyed red tonight - I am too scared to do it myself so am leaving to professionals, but if I hate it I'll do the bottle job back to brown same as you.

    Love the summer frock and mustard cardi, I am going to gt some nude fishnets to wear with my summery stuff to try and take them more dual season.

  2. Hey PD - thanks for the visit. I was not too sure on the dress score - thought it was a bit too summery - but I cannot afford new dresses so I am making do.
    Can't wait to see the new hair! With your trim tresses I am sure once the salon have done their magic - you should be able to keep it up to scratch in your own. I have no such patience or inclintation. Brunette is my natural shade - so I am sticking with it :)

  3. Loving the pose and the hair colour. I used Superdrug's permanent 'Maroon' red about three weeks ago, which turned out a nice rich colour but seems to have faded (I'm a natural dark brown). I'm thinking of re-doing it, as I do love a red, but am scared to make a big change.

    That dress is lovely and goes well with the lippy too


  4. gorgeous. This looks great on you (love the Nigella pose, too!)

  5. Hey VK - I say take the plunge - you can always dye over it if, like me, you find the upkeep too much, or you just don't like it?

    Hey BVV - thanks poppet :) I went for a "slightly crazy eye popping" vibe - which Nigella seems to deliver effortlessly. I think I got someway there! Ha ha.

  6. Ah, you're all red hair dye wusses! ;o)

    I do mine myself with Live Colour XXXL I only wash my hair about twice a week, so the fading isn't too bad, but if you find it a problem then using one of those colour glaze rinses after washing helps!

    Your hair looks lovely brown as well though Charly!

  7. The dress looks great, you should definitely try it with brown tights.
    I've been doing a bit of the 'summer dress with a cardi' look myself this week. Add a pair of boots and long socks and you're rocking the 'Edge of Love' look, which I'm going mad for at the moment. Penny Dreadful did a great post with lots of screen shots back in July.
    I'm sad about your hair though. I think red is the best colour for hair!

  8. Your hair looks great brown, I've had red hair for so long now I'd be scared to change but one day I'll have to I'm sure! Red hair fades easily but I'm lucky I don't have to wash my hair more than twice a week either.

  9. I like it both ways. ;-P
    I was red for about 18 months but I too found the unkeep a faff, the root regrowth was *horrible* (I am naturally dark blonde with more grey than I care to think about!) so I opted for a golden brown with blonde through the fringe and it's all been so much easier. Saying that I did enjoy having it red, I always wanted to go pillar-box red but lacked the guts.

    I LOVE your dress! want, want, want.

  10. RC - wusse (so THATS how you spell that word!) I am not. Lazy is more apt. And I have too many tresses to be dealing with the stresses of dying them. If (and its a big IF) I take the plunge at the weekend and get the big chop (my hair reaches my waist)then I might match my hair with my fire sign again *sigh*

    Lauren - hey sweetie! Thanks for the confirmation on the tights of purest brown. I shall have to dig some out. Yes - I saw PD's post on "Edge of Love". I had not thought about that!

    Hey Mama :) - hmmm - I only wash my hair twice a week (once if I can get away with it without not being mistaken for a tramp) I think it was more the memory of having red hair before (for over 2 years) that made me rethink.

    MM - well hellloooo. I loved having red hair - and maybe you should go for it! Pillar box red sounds fabboooo!

  11. I love your dress!! I love your hair too. Interesting that you thought it was too much upkeep, I am planning on giving it a go next month..that's if I can persuade my hair dresser it's a good idea!! x

  12. Hey LC - thats just me :) I am sure it would suit you a treat :)

  13. Thank you for stopping by...You look amazing red or brunette!!!

  14. Hehe love the photos! Your hair colour is lovely, very shiny and glossy x

  15. I use Live XXL to keep my hair bright red, dont wash it too much, talc it if it gets a bit greasy and back comb. Sorted :)


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