Monday, 18 October 2010

Seeing Red....

No, not anger. I actually have nothing to rant about ("WHAT!!??" I hear you cry). 

I know.

Shocker -  but truth.

This is a post about my hair. And its recent colour change. I started to think about it after reading Ivy Black Chat's post about what to do with her own locks and it started me thinking on mine. And for me there is only ever one option when it comes to a bottle of dye, plastic gloves and a pack of baby wipes.

So. I hit Superdrug and came back with one of their own brand permanent colours. 
Its called "Hot Red"  and cost me a whopping £2.49, which probably means that they are set to discontinue it soon. BOO. Whilst it did not go the colour on the box (which I am quite thankful for) it did go red. As in you can see it from a distance red. In fact -  the red I have been dreaming of having a head of since I saw a girl with the same colour in Lyme Regis about 6 years ago.

Now -  for some reason any pictures of it do not do it justice. In fact it looks distinctly ginge round the edges. But, think Rose from Titanic all over and you are somewhere close. When I walked into work this morning people commented. In a good way. Which pleased me immensely.

But what pleased me more, and something I was a little worried about was whether or not it would clash with my staple red lipstick. I usually wear a cheapy, but long lasting and non chapping lippy from Asda. I am a busy girl and have to grab what I can when I can. And if that happens to be a huge supermarket chain then, regrettably, so be it.  However, on reading various posts around blog land on different war paints, I decided to branch out. Not too far though. The shade I am wearing here is called "Showbiz" (which automatically makes me want to do jazz hands for some reason) and is 17's Lasting Finish at Boots. It is nicely shaped (tilted to make me feel like a grown up!) and goes on smoothly. It can be a little dry though -  but does last all day.
Anyway - being in a autumnal type of mood and with glorious chilly sunny walking weather awaiting me and my russet barnet I headed off to enjoy the delights of a local beauty spot, Headly Heath. Me and The Beard go walking there quite a lot, avoiding the cows that always seem to be overly interested in me. The must be able to smell my fear. Horses I can handle. Cows I prefer on a plate, medium rare.

Strolling along feeling very "at one", I noticed a couple up ahead taking photos. Of me. Granted, I do not look like your average Rambler -  but an ask would have been nice. They disappeared so I never got to ask them about it. Maybe they thought they had seen a time traveller?

*Jacket & skirt via charity shop rummage*
*Jumper & Brogues via Primark*
With Memphis the-I'm-all-better-now-thanks-to-the-£120-trip-to-the-vets pushka a sleeping on the bed and a holiday at the end of the week (Hay-on-Wye won't know what's hit it -  neither will my savings!) posts shall be on the light side this week and next.

I am nearly at 30 followers which not only blows my mind, but is more than deserving of a give away.  As is tradition of blogging type persons. Once it hits the big 3-0 I shall post one.
I shall snaffle something suitable in Hay I am sure.

Hope you all had a splendid weekend? Thanks for popping over to see me!


  1. Your hair looks fab! I'm a fake red head and always wear red with it, red lippie, red whatever!!

  2. Nice post! I marvel at anyone rocking a good red lippy as I cannot seem to find one that looks good on me. I have managed to come across a strong pink but Im still waiting to find that elusive perfect red.
    oh and your hair looks nice too :)

  3. Wow it looks great! I have been thinking about going red again lately too. Rose from Titanic all over?! Thats my dream hairdo!!

  4. Lovely new hair colour! I have completed my scavenger hunt post just now, been a busy weekend. I hope your cat is okay. Also loving the lipstick, 17 is such great value for money! xx

  5. Wow you're looking very glam! I've only ever been able to find a couple of red lipsticks to suit me, being a natural redhead has it's problems lol.

  6. Hurrah! Luverley red are so glam and just right for the

  7. Glad the puddy's ok. What was wrong?
    And another vote for red hair here! Love the outfit too, the photo taking couple were probably just stunned to see someone not in a plastic mac and carrying those walking poles that seem to be obligatory, even in town centres.

  8. Glam? I had not thought of myself as that before. Ooh I am well and truely flattered! Thanks everso (*blush*)
    I think I was a bit enthused about my hair and on second reflection it is more early 80's Bush than Winslet. ( )

    I have had Rose locks before, about 10 years ago, and it would take more than a bottle of £2.49 dye to get there again.

  9. Lauren - who knows? I think he has a fur ball that he could not honk up and it made him feel like poo. Not eating or drinking for 2 days, a couple of injections from the vet, a "under the skin" water treatment so he had some fluids and some forest green puke and he is now as right as rain! Hurrahs!!

  10. Love the hair too especially the bargain price! Wish I could find a red lippy that suits me, damned death warmed up skin tone of mine.

  11. I love your new hair colour! I have been thinking about dying my hair a bright red for a while now, but I don't know if my new job would be too pleased haha.
    Lovely outfit too, perfect for autumn and also for walking!

  12. Beautiful shots, and what fine locks you have!
    Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog. I'm so sorry I haven't commented more on your blog, but I've had no net, which is all set to be sorted by next week!
    Ooo are you coming to Don't Dali with the Devil on the 30th? Would be smashing to meet you if you are.
    G x

  13. Hi Gemima! Thanks for the comment. All these lovely things being said about me are cheering me up no end!And highly flattering! Such lovely people read my humble wafflings!
    No - I'm not going to the Hallowe'en thing. I am just back from holiday on the Friday - so will have 1) no money and 2) no time to think of anything. Plus I was a little anxious about going by myself so thought it best to give it a miss this year. Its not The Beards type of thing - so i would be a single gal in a Dali world. *sigh*

  14. Love the colour, it's gorgeous!

    As you know, I also have red hair and wear red lipstick. It's a perfect combination!

  15. Cheers Chick :) I have not had red hair / lippy combo before - so I was dubious. I think getting the shade of lippy right is a must. I didn't want to look like a brassy hooker!


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