Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No more Ice Cream

... Or Pimms, late evenings where you don't realise the time or shut the balcony door until way after dark, or walks along Brighton sea front in a light cotton dress on a Saturday afternoon with the The Beard. Alas, summer is no longer dying -  I believe it has croaked. *Sigh*

But -  with all the woolen knits and lushious retro inspired coats out there, we have something left to look forward to, right gals? I am throwing myself into preparations for a trip to Wales in a few weeks and trying to plan vintage, yet warm and practical walking outfits so that I can skip around Hey on Wye in a stylish, yet warm and waterproof way. Wish me luck.

But I am digressing. This post was meant to be more a goodbye to summer. And more to the point, goodbye to my summer dresses. I went a bit dress-mental this summer. I confess. I should be ashamed, but I'm not. I thrifted all of them and saved a wodge of cash in the process whilst helping various charities (when their prices were right). Hurrah!  The obsession began when I started to lose weight at the beginning of Feb. 30 + pounds later and my whole shape has changed. Not only am I more confident, but the diamonds in the rough I find in charity shops or on ebay actually fit!

There have been my favourites which shall stand me in good stead for next summer as they can be taken in (I have another 20lbs to go until goal) ...

Apologies for the same hair do and the fact that I appear to look like a man in the last pic. I can assure you I'm not - I was squinting at the sun.

And then there are the pieces that I just didn't get a chance to wear. Reasons being that they were either a tad small when I got them and I thought "this will fit in a couple of weeks" and then promptly forgot all about them. Or I just plain forgot. And I fear that by the time next summer heaves into view, I shant be heaving myself anywhere as I will be at goal weight and the forgotten frocks will need to be adapted or re-sold. Oh for shame.

So -  in the mean time -  here are some (shoddy) pics of my favourites. Well.. obviously not that favourite -  or I would have blummin' worn them!

Way too small. Serves me right for thinking I could loose weight chomping on
Cadbury Caramel Nibbles.

Lovely yellow day dress, to be worn with belt. Didn't do up over the chestage.

One of my faves -  but could not get it done up at the back without assistance. Shall fit like a dream

My absolute fave. 1950's, I know, but how could I resist for such a good price? And it spoke to me. I had to have it. And then forgot about it *weep*

So there you have it. They have all been carefully packed away for next year. Ahh -  the joy of a vintage styling of oneself -  things are never last season!

What laments have you got from this summers frocks?


  1. Hay on Wye - lovely, it is so nice there!

    I confess I didn't get a chance to wear all my ncie summer dresses either. I am keeping most of them out though, in the hope that I might be able to wear a slip and tights underneath some of them so they get wear through the winter instead.

  2. FABULOUS! I love the one in the picture where you think you look like a man, which you most certainly don't by the way! Also the red flowery one.

  3. Oh and what do you mean no more ice cream? It's always time for ice cream! ;-)

  4. Oh my goodness! My sentiments exactly!!!!! I never NEVER wear dresses, yet I bought no less than 4 this summer! What's up with that?! I only wore one and only once! We're in need of an Indian Summer so I can get a chance to float around in one before the snows come. :)

  5. What a wonderful selection of dresses! My only lament is that I didn't buy more this summer.
    I am so very jealous of your trip to Hay on Wye. Do take pictures - I love to live vicariously through the adventures of others!
    I'm doing the same as Penny Dreadful and wearing my summer dresses with thick tights and jumpers to get a couple more months out of them. I am looking forwards to chunky knits (not to too chunky though - we don't want to exaggerate our curves too much) and gloves though!
    Well done on the weight loss. Tell me you managed it with Caramel Nibbles?

  6. Ooh thanks for the comments ;) Its so nice to know that people are reading my waffle! Hurrah!

    PD - I have reclaimed some summerys from the storage suitcase and shall try them with the 70 denier. In fact - I am wearing one today with brogues and a cardy.

    Magpie - thanks for following! Hmm - I am not convinced. There is something wrong with my face in that pic. I love the dress though - I can't count how many time I wore it this summer. And yes, you are right. There is ALWAYS time for ice cream. I am a damned fool!

    Trillium - let the lady in you through!!! Put those dresses one (and then blog about it so I can see!! - letter on the way btw.. )

    Lauren - why thank you! I cannot wait to wear them next year. Plenty of pics from Hay - I literally cannot wait!! Only a couple of weeks to go. I am praying for dry, crisp days for walking about buying musty old books! Yip!! Oh - and I do slimming world. I scoff nibbles (arn't they the best??!) after I get weighed as my "treat"

  7. What lovely photos, your hair looks wonderful and you certainly don't look like a man in the last one!

    Thanks for your comment on my last post, it really made me giggle :)

  8. love the 1st and 3rd pics
    your blog is so cute,i'll follow you!
    love *K*


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