Friday, 15 October 2010

Jam Packed - Part Deux!

 I am just about over my sleep deprivation -  possibly on account of having fallen asleep on the sofa at 4pm. I then woke up at 6pm, totally disorientated by the light levels outside and thinking it was the morning. Thus tricking myself into believing that I have had an extra full nights sleep! Most excellent.

So -  where were we. Ah yes. The rammed weekend of last.

Sunday I travelled up to Alexander Palace to attend the Knitting and Stitching Show. I had not been to anything like this before -  so was not too sure what to expect. I have to say, it scored a 7/10 from me, with a view to going next year. I don't think I have been in a place with SO many women! And we were there for so long, I am surprised we didn't all synchronise our cycles. Oh the elbow of the older lady can be sharp when she HAS to have THAT button in the little glass ramekin. If my respect for the elderly was not so high, I would have beaten her with her own walking stick (that also turned into a chair -  and possibly a broomstick)

Annnnnnnnnnyway. There were lots of lovely bits on display - and what other way to show them than a piccy or 12?

The grand entrance. There were a fair few men outside looking longingly to the horizon. Or sobbing quietly in the corner.

Not every ones cup of Tetley -  but my favourite pieces of the whole show. An inspired display conveying WW1 history and the artists creativity.

Beautiful pill hats -  oh if only the designer had not been watching - there would be a picture of me sporting one of these!

A beautiful wool dress -  which looked to me to be straight from a keen 1940's knitter with several ration books worth of yarn. Please read the below for the true inspiration...

I love this piece. So simple, but so effective.

Fully made dresses (mine never seem to get cut out on the pattern -  let alone made!) on the McCalls -  or was it Simplicity? -  stall. No danger of getting anywhere near the patterns that were for sale. Those sharp elbows were out again and I NO patience left.

Now - this I could do. Maybe. One day. If I meet a Genie and he grants me a wish.

And this? Well. I think it speaks for itself!

And there you have it. I did not leave empty handed. Oh no no no. I still had money to burn from Saturday's failed Spitalfields trip. I grabbed some crafty bits for some projects I am working and then I literally stumbled upon Mrs Bear's Swap Shop.
Now  -  I had seen a notification of this on FaceAche -  but as I didn't have anything to "swap", I didn't take all that much notice. Until I saw that they had things for SALE. A hop, skip and a swish later and I was in a changing room. £40 lighter and these beauties were mine...


I shall post me wearing them at some stage. Promise.

This weekend? I am planning one with less packing and more jam.
Preferably on a croissant.

Have a good one folks!


  1. Beautiful purchases...I would love to wear that knitted dress...Thank you for stopping by at mine...

  2. I really like the neckline on the cream coloured dress. It's not something you see on alot of the dresses. £40 is really good for the 2 dresses aswell

  3. Oh, well done on those purchases!

    It was quite a scrum, wasn't it? Ally Pally is the biggest show of the year, and it's always rammed. It does have the best displays, although the Birmingham show comes close and is a bit less packed.

  4. What a great show that it, I'll have to look into going next year. And that first hat, wow it's amazing!

  5. Awesome! Love the pill box hats and the made dresses with patterns attached. Looks like you had lots of fun :)

  6. Looks like a fab day out. V. jealous!
    Thanks for the tag on the scavenger hunt by the way, gives me an easy blog this week! :)


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