Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My Vintage Treasures

I express my vintage-ness in many ways. The way I dress, the makeup I face the world with every day,the music I listen to, the books I read. And the things I hunt out and buy.

Carboots, charity shops and Ebay are my stomping grounds. I love nothing more than mooching around an early morning carboot searching for mismatched plates (my current collection is 12 in count and all for the princely total of about a fiver), nipping into a charity shop and finding a shelf full of George VI commemerational items or tapping "Land Girl badge" into Ebay to find a reasonably priced plethra of them.

But there are certain things that I gaze at lovingly and think "Who did you belong to?" It is the personal history of items that now adorn my home that really makes me smile. Who used to wind the 1930's clock I now wind each morning, so that I can enjoy it's melodic ticking in the evening when I return home from work? Was it a wedding present? Quite possibly -  but who's?

How did my beautiful WW1 commeration "Peace" jug survive all this time with no cracks and only slight fading? Did the previous owner have it as pride of place on a table in the hall, with flowers in it as it does now, next to the picture of a brave, perhaps lost, loved one?

My lovely blue bowl, now sitting on the hearth filled with crystals and a secented candle did not begin life as such. I am sure, by its age (approx 1890's) it's past consists of being paired with a water jug and used as a wash bowl. I secretly hope this will be my Antiques Roadshow "HOW much???!!" moment at some point in the future!

Who laboured their days in a reserve trench filling an empty shell with the ever surrounding mud and hammered out a stunning poppy to make the Trench Art I now polish with affection?

These questions may never be answered. I can only imagine where these items used to live and who loved them. There is only one item for sure that I know the origins of. Our lovely Art Deco bureau which was a 21st birthday gift from a father to a daughter. That girl, who then had the "keys to the door", became my partners Grandma. And through time it has filtered down to us and now takes pride of place in our living room.....

What are your vintage treasures?
Please comment  - I'd love to know!


  1. lovely treasures!!! It is indeed neat to think about the past lives of vintage objects!

  2. Thanks for the comment. You must feel the same about your Scottish drop-leaf table! 1900's eh? How lovely!

  3. What lovely things! It's so nice to know the story of the bureau too.

    A lot of my favourite vintage objects are books - crime novels with lurid 1950s covers, and a mid-1930s Bride's Book that goes into extreme detail about how to choose clothes and what colours suit which complexions. I am very fond of our light meter for photography, it's a little 1930s German one and still works. It has a very areonautical look to it.

  4. You started a blog! Yay!

    I looove your clock.

    I need to do another one of these little walk rounds of my house. I did ages ago.

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  6. Great blog! I think exactly the same as you, who did things belong to and how have they survived so long.
    I read Debs at War last month, I love books about social history from the 1920s to the 1950s.

  7. I have my Dad's 21st birthday present which was a gorgeous wardrobe. I'm not sure he really wanted me to take it but when I moved out of home I just put it on the van! I adore it because it has all these little shelves and drawers at one side with labels saying things like 'shirts' 'collars'

  8. I have many 'OLD' treasures that I couldn't choose but one although I do love my 1930s pocket watch and it keeps time better than any modern watch today! Thank you for your comment on my blog its lovely when some one actually knows the artist portrayed she was quite marvelous...

  9. Ooh lots of lovely comments! Yippie! Thanks for following me, those that have, and those that haven't thanks for stopping by! So nice to hear about your "treasures" and the stories that you know of behind them. More posts in "draft" at the moment so watch this space!

    Blogging rules! (but not like Anne Shelton Ginge!)

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